This answer to this question is “yes,” but there are many things you should consider before filing an insurance claim. Before filing for claims, let’s understand what a police accident report is.

In some countries, a police report is essential in most accident cases. A police report helps to ascertain the cause of the accident, know who is at fault, and probably log it into their accident report file. This report can assist in the case of any legal case instituted by accident parties or victims.

In some countries, fatalities must be reported to the police for investigation. This will help to check the excesses of drivers, especially those drunk drivers and those who wittingly disregard road safety procedures, including speed limit violations.

Can I File an Insurance Claim Without a Police Report?

Again, let’s go into the answer to the question properly; can I file an insurance claim without a police report? A police report is essential when there is an accident because it can be beneficial when a dispute arises. Still, needing one when filing an insurance claim is not compulsory.

A police report may not be necessary when filing an insurance claim for minor accidents, but you need a police report immediately when a fatality is involved.

But What If…?

If or when a vehicle is severely damaged in an accident, such that the car has to be towed away from the accident scene, a police report may be required.

Keep in mind that a police report, albeit not necessary to file a claim for an accident, will help support your claim and eliminate issues surrounding the truthfulness of your claim.

If a hit-and-run driver hits your car, know that it becomes essential and necessary to seek a police report. You are responsible for getting a police report because you don’t expect the hit-and-run driver to file a report for you.

While you may not need a police report to file a claim, know that you may be required to prove that you are not the one at fault in the accident. You may find it difficult to prove your innocence without a police report. A police report will show that an investigation has been carried out and you are not the guilty party.

Furthermore, filing an insurance claim without a police report is possible; however, some circumstances may require you to submit a police report.

How To File an Insurance Claim

Consult your insurance agent, who will guide you on how to file an insurance claim for a car accident. But these simple steps can help you file a claim if you have to do it yourself.

Get the documents you want to use as evidence for your claims available. If you have medical bills, present them to your insurance company.

If your car is damaged and you can drive it to the insurance office, take it there for them to access the extent of the damage. But if the car cannot move, you have to take photos of it or ask the insurance company to send a representative to see the damaged car themselves.

Document the date, time, and venue of the accident. You may be required to answer basic questions from your insurance company to defend your claims. If you have eyewitnesses, you can present them to testify.

If you have video evidence, a car data recorder, or any pictorial evidence to support your claim, you can also present it to your insurance company.

If the other driver is at fault and makes a report or acknowledges their fault, you can include it in your file as part of your documents and evidence for claims. It will make the work easier and quicker for you.

Your insurance company will do its due diligence before approving your claim. This may take a few days or weeks, depending on the situation. They also want to investigate your claim to determine the genuineness of your claims and to know what claim you qualify for. They also will determine the extent of the damage or injury as the case may be.

What if A Police Report is Necessary?

Situations may require you to get a police report before filing a claim. If, for any reason, you are hit by a hit-and-run driver (as reported earlier), you will need a police report to support your claim.

If you sustain serious injury in a car accident, you need a police report when filing a claim. When there is major damage to your car, you need a police report before filing a claim.

In case of the death of a loved one in a car accident, you will need a police report for insurance purposes on behalf of your insured relative.


Yes, you can file an insurance claim for a minor accident without a police report. You can also do without a police report when it involves private property. Still, you should get a police report when the accident is significant to avoid issues bothering legal tussles. A police report will aid your success during litigation.

If you need a police report involving your car accident, you must go to the police station and request the report. It becomes challenging when a police report is required but can’t be provided because you never reported the accident to the police in the first place.