Custom Cigar Boxes

Increase Brand Exposure

One reason for using a cigar box is to increase brand exposure. The box should include the name of the brand being sent, the company’s website and a phone number. Another reason to use a box is that it can be used to store the cigars for a longer period of time. It can also be used as a briefcase to store personal items. Cigars do not travel very far in most cases, so a box can be used instead of a briefcase to store them.


There are many companies that specialize in making custom box covers. They can be found just about anywhere that print shops are located. These printers can also be found online. The cost for such a service is usually very low, and you may find that they ask for very little in return. This is because their main focus is to make sure that your information is completely correct when printing your box.

Company Feedback

Many times, the printing company will have samples made and they will ask for your feedback. In turn they will ask for your suggestions on where you would like to see the box made. You may also have some ideas of your own on how it should look and what you want it to say. The process can be very enjoyable, since each idea is unique and will be something that you can display for years to come.


Cigar boxes are often used for advertising as well. Many companies use them as a way to advertise their products, and some even have a section devoted to them. Most of these boxes have pictures of the products that are offered by the company printed on the front. These can be attractive and interesting if you have the right type of box. These boxes are commonly made of wood or other types of material.


Some custom cigar box manufacturers offer a selection of boxes that can fit any budget or need. These include different size boxes, which are suitable for advertising in certain areas such as television or radio ads. They also offer some that are large enough to be placed on the side of a table to hold promotional items for special occasions such as a convention.

Way of Boxes Made

The way that these boxes are made does affect the price. If you go to a custom cigar box manufacturer, you may be able to choose one made of a wood that is less expensive than many of the woods that are available. You can also choose one that has a different finish than most boxes have. This can make a box look a little different than traditional boxes, but it may not necessarily cost more to produce. What you pay for will depend upon the quality of the box as well as the amount that you want to spend.

There are some companies that make custom boxes based on the images that you have provided. If you have an image that you have scanned in from an online gallery or other source, this might be a great option for you. The company will then create a custom box from your image using 3D technology. These custom boxes are a great way to show off your cigars to all of your friends and family.

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