Dermatologist or skin specialist consultations are needed for conditions related to your skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes. Such a doctor will treat issues like acne or hair fall and provide the best solutions to address these problems. For disorders that could be hormonal or internal, you can consult a dermatologist in order to get a comprehensible diagnosis. Dermatologists usually treat conditions like dryness, darkening of skin, itching, allergies, and acne and other hair and skin issues. 

What are the common problems that a dermatologist treats?

List of common problems treated by dermatologists:

∙         Acne

∙         Pimples

∙         Skin cancer

∙         Psoriasis

∙         Rashes

∙         Bacterial or fungal infections

∙         Cosmetic procedures like skin peeling

∙         Hives

∙         Sunburn

∙         Itchy skin

∙         Cold Sores

Visit a nearby skin clinic if you are experiencing any of this skin and hair-related conditions.

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Services offered by dermatologists or skin specialists

Dermatologists or skin specialists provide an array of services like –

∙         Skin cancer treatment

∙         Biopsies

∙         Laser surgery


-General Dermatology

-Surgical Dermatology

-Pediatric Dermatology


-Light Therapy

-Cosmetic Dermatology

-Patch Testing

Why is it important to see a dermatologist?

It is for your skin or hair related problems that you should consult a dermatologist. In case you are noticing any anomaly regarding your skin including things like rashes or moles, it is important to seek medical help from a dermatologist.  Think of visiting a nearby skin clinic or hair fall specialist near me for the right kind of treatment.

When should I see a dermatologist for acne?

Acne generally happens during teenage years (12-18 years) and it is important to consult a dermatologist for acne at an early stage of your acne. This will help you avoid cysts and permanent scars as you grow up. If you leave your acne untreated it might get worse, hence the moment you see any increase in your acne, do consult an acne specialist for proper treatment and stop any aggravation to your acne condition in time.

Can a dermatologist help with hormonal acne?

The answer is yes. Dermatologists do deal with hormonal acne, which occurs once you have crossed the age bracket when acne normally happens and is not a cause of concern. When happening at a certain age, acne can be an obstinate problem, particularly if they tend to occur once a month accompanied with cysts and nodules on your chin and forehead. In such cases you must see a dermatologist who has the necessary expertise to analyse your skin and diet patterns, and provide the top quality cystic acne treatment, which includes topical as well as internal care.

What doctor do I see for itchy skin?

It is generally factors like climate, fungus or bacterial infection, or an allergic reaction such as psoriasis or eczema that lead to itchy skin. That said, in some cases itchy skin might be a ramification of severe conditions including cancer or liver diseases. Whatever be the cause, it is important for you to make an immediate visit to a nearby skin specialist and share everything regarding your condition. After listening to you and thoroughly checking the disorder, the skin specialist will prescribe an antibiotic or a cream/lotion which will abate your itching. In case the condition gets worse, the dermatologistwill refer you to another specialist or advise you of some tests to be done.

What is the difference between a cosmetologist & a dermatologist?

Dermatologists are skin specialists who have expertise in treating issues related to your skin or hair. He/she prescribes surgical or non-surgical treatment for skin diseases. Cosmetologists on the other hand deal with study of skin, hair and nails. Cosmetologists are known for offering beauty care and treatments for the skin, nails and hair which include hairstyling, hairdressing and nail treatments.

What do dermatologists do for teenage acne?

Dermatologists specialising in acne first try to find out the age when the condition appeared for the first time, how it has been since then, that is, if the acne has got better or has become worse, the treatments that have been availed and their outcomes. Once they are convinced with the answers they will recommend antibiotics and/or topical medication. Depending on cases, that is whether the acne is moderate or severe, doctors might advise laser treatment. In case you are afflicted with teenage acne, lookout for an ‘acne specialist near me’, right now.

Does a dermatologist treat skin problems in kids?

Dermatologists do take care of children’s skin problems. In case your child has issues like eczema, psoriasis, acne, warts or diaper dermatitis (diaper rash), we recommend you to immediately reach out to a skin doctor near you or to a nearby skin clinic for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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