Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Solar panels from are meant to work 24/7 to provide you sufficient solar energy directly absorbed from the Sun light.That is collected in photo voltaic cell and then it is supplied to the electric devices in your home that would keep working 24/7 nonstop. This solar power would keep your house even during black outs. No doubt solar panels comes up with multiple benefits and advantages but also they do have some draw backs that you must be acknowledged and aware of.
First we are going to discuss with you few advantages and user friendly aspects of solar panels that would satisfy your needs and requirements like:
Solar panels are clean and pure source of generating electric energy using renewable energy resources.
The renewable energy resources are never wasted.
You get much more control over energy resources.
Solar panels provides you long term benefits and peace of mind for long terms.
You will clearly notice solar panels add up value and worth to your home.
Solar panels also tend to serve as a good source of thermal energy.
Solar panels add visual and commercial value to your living place where you install it.
But one thing you should always keep in your mind there are also some draw backs of using solar panels for generating budget friendly electric energy.

Solar panels are weather dependent.

During extreme winters and rainy season the working efficiency of solar panels slow down.
Solar panels do not work at night the working of solar panels stop at night.
Solar panels need much more space to get installed at your working place or home.
You will have to spend sufficient number of expenditures for installation of solar panels.


To be noted solar panels are weather dependent and it is always recommended to place solar panels where Sun light comes directly. Placing photovoltaic cells would influence the working efficiency and output of solar panels negatively. Moreover the working performance and output of solar panels reduces also during winters. You should never these aspects when you are about to buy and install solar panels for cheap source of electric energy.


Once you decide to go after solar panel installation, the next process is quite easy and simple. You should be done with enough exploration and websites searching. The more knowledge you have the more it will be easier for you to understand the chemistry of solar panels.
Solar panels, also known as photo voltaic cells are basically composed of 36 solar cells that are interconnected with each other.
Each solar cell represents a unique pattern of grid system that has laminated glass.
It all starts when Sun light hits the solar panel installed and fixed over your roof top.
It is suggested to place and install the solar system where Sun light comes directly and hits the solar panel system to provide you best energy out puts.
Solar panels demands too much space and in return they do add commercial value and worth to your place.
Solar panels are capable to clean and purify your environment here you live and breathe to make your eco system healthy and the transformation process of converting solar energy into the electric energy would be pollution free.


Solar panels are great source of electric energy that uses renewable energy sources like solar light that is easily accessible and available. You would never need to spend too much expenditures to consume conventional energy resources for producing electric energy. But one thing you should never ignore that the earlier stages of installation would need much more cash and the struggle would be real. But then you would admire and appreciate the noticeable reduction in your electric bills on monthly basis.
If we talk about few drawbacks of using photo voltaic cells it reveals that solar panels are weather dependent. You will see the working efficiency of photo voltaic chambers reduces during winters and rainy or foggy seasons. Also you should never place the photo voltaic cells in shady area or place where Sun light does not come directly to the solar panel.