How to format USB using CMD
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How to format USB with the help of cmd? Do you know you can format USB with the help of cmd in your computer? Just follow the instructions then you will be able to format USB in cmd.

It is no secret that a USB flash drive comes with more flexible features for different uses. They are the most widely used removable storage devices. And when you buy one, the possibility of formatting never crosses your mind.

But the truth is, over time, the need to format the flash drive will arise. It is not always a bad situation to troubleshoot a USB flash drive, but it may take more effort.

So the question arises that puts things in perspective: When is it appropriate to format the flash drive?

Keep reading this guide and let’s explore together some situations that require formatting the USB using CMD.

Step 1: Open the Windows command prompt and type “diskpart” and click Enter.


Step 2: A pop-up window will appear and ask if you want to allow Diskpart software to run the computer. Click the “Yes” button to continue.

Step 3: A new window will appear, so you must type “List disk”. It is vital that you know which port is connected to the USB. This command lists all the storage media attached to the PC.


Step 4: Type “Select disk Y”, where Y is the disk you want to format. In the example, Y is 2. If your selection is successful, you will see “Disk Y is now selected.”


Step 5: Type “Clean” to format the flash drive with cmd. If the format is successful, the cmd will tell you that Diskpart has managed to clean the disk.


Step 6: Then enter, “create partition primary” to create a specific one.


Step 7: Write (format fs = NTFS). If you like another file system format, change the NTFS command to the desired one, such as exFAT, FAT32, etc.


The process may take some time.

Step 8: Type “assign” and provide a drive letter to the flash drive

allocate disk

If you were wondering how to format a USB using CMD, with these tips you can do it easily.

How to Repair Formatted USB or Pen Drive in Windows 10

Some circumstances, such as the change of data to RAW Format makes the data inaccessible which forces to format the pen drive with CMD. If you don’t want to lose your information, you can get it back using some advanced software. In this case, we will review one of the best data recovery tools in the world for formatted USB flash drives: Recoverit Data Recovery.

Recoverit Features

Full scan: The tool employs an advanced algorithm that scans deep into the flash drive to recover all the formatted file that is accessible. The algorithm offers a high recovery rate of 96%.

Clutter-free user interface: Quickly access powerful and seamlessly woven utilities to recover your formatted file. Recoverit uses graphics and words seamlessly to offer an intuitive user interface that reduces recovery to a 3-step procedure: select, scan, and recover.

Fast data recovery: Recover the fastest processing speed in operational and scanning functions that quickly permeates the flash drive to get the files formatted in no time.