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Healthy vegetarian food background. Vegetables, hummus, pesto and lentil curry with tofu.

It’s important to include a variety of healthy foods for eye health in order to maintain proper vision. As we get older, vision begins to naturally deteriorate. The first signs of aging will appear in our eyes as yellow spots or as the darkness around lights. While there are prescription and Oncology Practitioner eye care products available, it’s wise to take an all-natural approach to preserve the health of your eyes and overall vision.

Eye health is extremely important for overall health. It’s also important to pay attention to other symptoms, such as headaches, dry skin, and other problems. A healthy diet can help to alleviate these symptoms and may even help prevent certain conditions. While there are many different foods that can help protect the eyes, one that seems to work the best is antioxidant-rich foods. For example, tomatoes are high in vitamin C and beta carotene which are two antioxidants that can help protect against free radical damage in the eyes.

However, like most fruits and vegetables, tomatoes have a high level of acid so they should be consumed in moderation. Citrus fruits and juices should also be eaten in moderation because they can cause dizziness and other negative side effects if taken in large quantities. Green tea is another great source of antioxidants and vision improvement but should be consumed in moderation as well because it can cause loss of vision. It can also cause the throat to close which makes breathing more difficult.

Some of the other most promising fruits and vegetables that can provide the nutrients needed to improve your vision naturally are blueberries, strawberries, nuts, seeds and raisins. Because the protective hormone Lutein is available in greater quantities in these foods than any other type of vitamin, eating them on a regular basis can benefit your vision. Some delicious foods include spinach, carrots, nuts and grapefruit.

Vitamins such as vitamin C, A and E are all important to maintain proper eye health but recent studies show that a lack of vitamin c can be harmful to the retina. Lack of vitamin A can lead to cataracts and chronic eye problems such as blurriness, dry eyes, and eye fatigue. Scientists believe that a diet deficient in vitamin A can contribute to the development of macular degeneration and age-related eye diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts. Studies also indicate that a lack of vitamin C can reduce the risk of cataracts. These foods contain many of the antioxidant compounds necessary to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.

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Unfortunately, a lack of vitamin E can lead to the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cells from damaging each other. Vitamin C can protect the retina and help it repair damage caused by trauma or free radical damage. But, unfortunately, the amount of vitamin C contained in these foods is significantly lower than what would be needed to reverse these conditions.

In addition to these nutrients, foods for eye health that contain antioxidants can prevent the development of cataracts. Eye floaters are small deposits of fluid in the cataract of the lens. They float around in the fluid, get trapped in the eye itself, and cause vision problems for the person suffering from them. They are made of protein and a waste material that builds up inside the eye. And, they can actually grow worse with time if left untreated.

Carrots contain beta carotene, which has been proven to be effective in reducing the development of cataracts. Spinach contains lutein which protects eyes from environmental irritants such as smoke. And, romaine lettuce is good for reducing intraocular pressure. All of these foods for vision care can be eaten in moderation and are good for the overall health of the eyes.

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