Holiday On Wheels: A complete tour Guide to Planning Caravan Trips in Australia

Who does not dream of a smooth and happening road trip to Australia, that too with your family and friends? Well, a trip to Australia on a commercial flight can be super, but making it to the country by road is an all-new experience. It is a land of diverse flora and fauna spread across various landforms. You can only experience the rawness of the continent if you explore its roads.

This journey sounds fun. But we know you are in a dilemma because it’s necessary to have a few important things in order to take this journey. Therefore, it requires proper planning for a successful road trip. As a Caravan Selling Company, we can give you some tips and tricks to guide you through planning a perfect road trip to Australia with your close ones.

Keep reading about the perfect plan you need for a holiday on wheels.

  1. Know The Route- 

    Before you plan a trip to Australia, you need to know the route to the places you want to visit. Enlist the spots you want to visit chronologically. Australia is a vast continent that has various climatic regions. Before you infringe on any of its regional territories, you need to know the weather there. Many parts are even filled with poisonous snakes, especially the dry areas. Our Hybrid Caravan Australia has a unique design that keeps the temperature almost neutral inside the van. Its robust build will protect your children, friends, and family from the wilderness.
  1. Keep A Good Stock Of The Itinerary- A road trip is fascinating, but it also means

    you must be self-sufficient. While travelling on other country roads, you will get several food shops; Australia is far from it. Australia has a diverse climate that does not allow its citizens to live just anywhere. The population is concentrated in the coastal areas only, leaving the centres all barren. Outback roads or roads across the Nullabor deserts have no food, power stations, water, or petrol supply. You should have a good stock of these commodities to sponsor your travel. Our Hybrid Caravan Australia has solar panels to support your power requirement. In addition, the large bunkers in the caravan are spacious enough to store food items and other necessities.
  1. Plan some indoor and outdoor activities- 

    Travelling through the road to Australia means you will have to drive most of the time. All this time, your children might not be happy just to see the passing streets. The caravan has all the space and amenities the children may utilize to keep themselves engaged. Plus, the toy hauler caravan Australia will give you an ample amount of space so that you can pack outdoor adventure toys such as motorcycles or snowmobiles. The haulers could also create living space for additional members or set up any entertaining option.
  1. Know The Climate Of The Country- 

    To choose the best route to travel to Australia, you need to know the best time of the year to travel through it. The continent is in the southern hemisphere, experiencing summer from December-February and winter from June-August. These two seasons can be harsh in some places, making it not an ideal weather to travel. It is best to travel during the spring or autumn to avoid the climatic extremes of the continent. If you have an off-road toy hauler caravan, you can ride through the rugged terrain that remains dry and free from snow in these seasons. This factor will add more flavour to your journey!
  1. Buy Caravans That Have Higher amps- 

    You may often wonder why are caravans 15 amps? This is done to support your travel while making it a homely experience. The Caravans are designed as such it has up to 15 amps to support numerous electronic appliances like a geyser, air conditioner, kettle, television, etc. Having up to 15 amps ensures that the circuit breaker does not trip when these appliances are used. 


Traveling on an open road, without any tension of the flight timings, is a great experience. It is full of adventures and allows you to explore yourself and the place. Today, caravans have emerged into much popularity. It provides several features to make you feel at home while traveling. For example, the off-road toy hauler caravan enables you to be involved in several outdoor activities.

Our vans are perfect for travelling with family and peers. If you are a camping enthusiast, you will love to own one of our hybrid caravans and plan a road trip with your dear ones today!