Automatic gates are a great way to ramp up your security by deterring intruders, whether on your private or business property. Unlike traditional manual gates, regular maintenance is of utmost importance for automatic gates to work optimally and increase their longevity. It is recommended that maintenance be done at least twice a year to detect any potential faults and correct them before they turn into major and more costly problems. There are signs to watch out for that may indicate the need for urgent automatic gate system repairs to avoid replacing the entire gate system (we shall look at some of them later in this article). Some of the most common include gate misalignment (for double doors), gate opening and closing on their own, gate not opening or closing entirely, and failing sensors. 

Repairing automatic gates can be a tricky affair, and its success is primarily subject to choosing the right people for the job. Experience and in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of the workings of an automatic gate system are pertinent factors you should look out for in a potential repair and installation company. 

How Much will Repairs Cost?

Well, there is no concise answer as to the cost projection for your automatic gate repair. The total cost will vary depending on many factors, with some of the major ones being the cost of replacement parts, labor charges, your location, and the type of gate system installed. However, you can easily estimate the cost if you exactly know what component of your gate system needs fixing. Most replacement parts will cost anything between $20 to $300. It’s always advisable to settle for quality replacement parts to avoid recurring problems in the future. 

The good thing is that most automatic gate repair companies offer free estimates for repairs and are a great way to determine what you’d expect to pay. Request and compare estimates from several potential local automatic gate repair companies to gauge the repair costs. 

Common Automatic Gate Components often needing Replacement

If your automatic gate has malfunctioned, the chances are that repairs will have to include replacing certain parts to have it back and working again. Some components often require frequent replacements more than others. Below are the most common components that most often need replacing. 

#1: Power Supply Issues

an interrupted power supply is often a cause for an automatic gate not working, but most people usually fail to check. Confirm that the power supply is on and connected by checking if other parts associated with the gate, such as the keypad and intercom, have power. If they are not turned on, then power is the likely culprit. To diagnose the problem, check if the circuit breaker is turned on. Power surges and outages can turn the breaker off. You might also want to check your gate’s power supply and other related components such as electric wires. It’s best to involve a professional electrician to fix all problems associated with power. 

#2: Problems with the Remote Control 

Sometimes the problem could be as simple as a malfunctioned remote control. To solve this, try replacing the batteries. If this doesn’t work, you might need a new remote control. Contact the company that installed your gate to get relevant information about the best remote control replacement. 

#3: Damaged or Obstructed Gate Tracks 

obstructed or damaged gate tracks are the most common problems with sliding gates. The problem may be complex at specific points during opening or closing. Debris like leaves, pebbles, and twigs can be the cause. Sweep the tracks clean and check if the problem has been resolved. You should also check the wheels and tracks to ensure no damage. 

#4: Keypad Malfunction

The keypad may sometimes not work as expected due to tampered settings or wiring issues. To solve the issue, you can try resetting your codes. If this does not work, call in a gate expert to look as there may be problems with wiring or other electrical malfunction. You may need to replace the keypad as a final solution. 

#5: Damaged Gate Motors 

Gate motors are some of the most crucial components of an automatic gate system and can be damaged by many things, including water and pests. They can also malfunction due to elements inside them, such as wires. Minor repairs might solve the problem, but you might need to get it replaced in extreme cases. 

#6: Light Sensors 

This is yet another crucial component of an automatic gate system and sometimes may not respond as it should. The most common cause of their malfunction is the accumulation of dust or dirt that blocks them from detecting light. You might have to clean them to solve the issue.