Mosquitoes are an environmental nuisance because they transmit disease and cause discomfort, especially to humans. So, whether you’re in the comfort of your home or enjoying an outdoor event, being exposed to mosquito bites puts you at risk of those diseases which may be life-threatening. 

That is why companies like Mosquito Authority provide services for effective mosquito and insect control. Thinking of hiring a professional mosquito extermination company? Here is a breakdown of the common costs you’ll incur. 

What Would it Cost Me to Exterminate Mosquitoes?

In the United States, extermination costs range from $100 to $500 depending on the company providing the services. The average cost is $300, while the minimum is $70, and the maximum at $550.

Many factors influence the cost of extermination services, and they are explained below with their price ranges.

How Large Your Property Is

Your property size will influence the cost of having extermination. If your property is around a quarter of an acre or less, the price will range from $300 to $450; once your property is half an acre and more than, the price range increases and will be around $400 to $3000.

The larger the property, the more the number of insecticides needed to finish the work. Also considered here is the time it’ll take for the personnel involved to cover the area.

The Sanitation of Your Environment

The personnel involved will charge you more if your property is poorly sanitized. Once they assess the area and find a lot of weeds, stagnant water lying around, and garbage everywhere, you should expect a higher quotation.

This is because they’ll first have to clean your environment before any extermination is carried out on your property. Usually, these professionals will bring this to your notice before commencing work.  

If the extra cost charged for the clean-up will be an issue, the best thing to do is ensure your surroundings are well kept.

How Frequent You Require the Services

Every company that offers extermination services mostly has two types of services, which influences the price you’ll pay.

  • One-off: This kind of service is usually one-time and is mostly required for unusual events like holiday picnics and weddings done outside. This service ranges between $100 to $400.
  • Seasonal: This service is for when mosquito activities are most experienced, around April to September. Here you can sign a short-term contract that allows the company to offer its services during this period at intervals instead of as a one-off. This service is likely to cost around $500 to $1000

Vegetation Type of Your Surrounding

To exterminate mosquitoes in a large area, the landscape is important. The shrubs or trees around your property may attract an extra charge. The more your vegetation, the more it’ll cost you for mosquito extermination. This is because mosquitoes hide in shrubs and lay eggs in stagnant water.

The Procedure Used

Professional exterminator companies combine many methods to rid the mosquitoes that inhabit your home and surrounding. These methods include; using a special misting system for outdoor spray, barrier sprays, microbial insecticide treatment, growth regulators, mechanical control, traps for mosquitoes, and sanitation.

All these methods control the mosquitoes totally and are mostly used together, and some companies might charge for each separately. 

Time of the Year

Once the summer season begins, prices for extermination are usually hiked due to an increase in demand for their services. As a result, it is always best to sign up with a company during the winter season, as you may get up to a 30% advance discount.

Before trying this method, you need to ensure the company you are hiring will honor the contract even after three to four months of the agreement. This is especially important if you are signing up for the seasonal offer. 

If the company is of a standard reputation, you are sure they’ll keep to the word.

Should you Hire a Mosquito Exterminator or Do It Yourself?

Hiring an exterminator is the most efficient way of getting rid of mosquitoes. It can give results of about 90%, especially when applied seasonally, and there’s always a noticeable difference. With a professionally done extermination process, mosquitoes from neighboring properties can’t get to yours. This is mainly because the methods used by these professionals usually ensure durability and provide a long-lasting effect.

So once you notice that you are suffering from mosquito infestation, the best thing to do is to call on an expert to come to handle things.