Are you bored of the traditional wall décor options of paint and wallpapers? As aesthetic and vibrant as they look, wallpapers and paint are stagnant designs. Unless painted over or wallpaper changed, there is very little one can do to make the design sync with the rest of the dynamic quotient of a room. Moreover, they do not have storage options.

If you are looking to buy wallshelf online and don’t know where to start, we have got you covered. Brands like Wakefit offer seamless wall design solutions that transform boring walls instantly into functional and captivating spaces. Read on to know how you too can buy best wall shelf online and achieve this look on any wall in your home.

Benefits of Wall Shelves

There are many different shapes and sizes of wall shelves based on the requirement of the space. While its primary function is to display items and add to the décor element, it extends to many other benefits as listed below:

●     Flexibility: Wall shelves are dynamic pieces of wall décor that can be installed in any corner of your home. These are not restricted to living room, dining room, and bedroom areas but can also be installed in bathrooms for the two premium benefits that they provide- aesthetics and storage space. Since they are mounted, they can also be removed and re-purposed for another space.

●     Minimalist: Simple home and office wall shelves offer clean and clutter-free spaces for busy spaces without eating into floor space.

●     Space optimisation: Wall shelves offer exemplary storage solutions, especially, for cramped spaces that need storage solutions while maintaining aesthetic elements.

●     Increased Efficiency: A well-organized shelf lets home and office owners reach out to their items quickly without obstructing their workflow.

●     Versatility: The beauty of wall shelves is that they can adapt to the different needs of the hour. For instance, some wall-mounted shelves can be moved up or down to increase storage space below it. Other shelves have options to add more shelves to increase storage units. Additionally, all these units have plenty of space for you to change the items in them to reflect the existing interior design.

●     Durability: Investing in a solid wood wall shelf can increase its lifespan ensuring it lasts longer than a lower-grade material. Moreover, wood is known to stand the test of time despite daily use, dust, water spills, etc.

Different Types of Wall Shelves

One of the best designs is the modern wall shelf that reflects minimalism and offers highly functional options. These are generally open, not bulky, and can be easily assembled. They fit on the wall for display and can be used to create visual balance or symmetry with existing furniture pieces. Some of the common types of wall shelves are:

●      Floating shelves: Transform an existing recessed niche corner by using floating shelves on the wall. Floating shelves are suspended on the wall and do not need any visible support giving a neat look. Add a few of these at different heights to store décor pieces that can be swapped based on the season (Think of festivity-specific décor!). Want a designer tip? Paint the wall a dark shade to contrast with the floating shelves and create a deeply mesmerizing niche.

●      Wallshelves with hooks: Unlike the above, wallshelves with hooks or brackets rely on visible support to secure them. The benefit of having these is that they can handle slightly heavier objects and are less likely to fall or break. Short on storage in a high-traffic area like the kitchen? Enhance your kitchen walls with a set of wall shelves with brackets placed above the sink area.

●      Tic-tac-toe design: Wall shelves do not always have to be boring and horizontal. Creative brands like Wakefit have stunning designs like the Phoenix Wall shelf in a tic-tac-toe design that will make your guests wonder about the shelf design itself before venturing into the knick-knacks displayed. Use these as one of your living room wall shelves for an excellent conversation starter!

●      Hanging wall shelves: Suspended on ropes, pipes, or other support materials, these shelves create a dramatic effect in any room you choose. This is a great option for bedroom wall shelves, especially if you have a workspace corner included. Depending on the interior theme, choose the hanging material accordingly- ropes for a bohemian look, metal for an industrial look!

●      Ladder shelves: Prop these against a wall to create a fun element in a kid’s room or an office room at home. Resembling ladders in the structure, the ‘rungs’ are used as storage and display spaces. The plus point of using this design is that they don’t have to be drilled to install.

●      Multi storage shelves: These shelves come in open and closed storage spaces offering a break to the monotonous shelving options. Often in metal frames, these open and closed units offer both display and storage facilities to tuck away seasonal items. Freestanding in nature, they are not propped on the wall but are crucial for shared spaces like a dining area and living room.

Things to Consider

Before deciding on wall shelf options, it is important to consider the following points:

●     Measure up the space before deciding on wall shelf options. Space constraints impact the type of wall shelves required along with the design.

●     Decide on what items need storage. The heavier the items, the more support required like brackets or hooks.

●     Choose timeless materials like sheesham wood wallshelf for durability, ease of cleaning, stability, and style statement adding value to private havens like bedrooms.

●     Keep the colour palette simple to give a neutral platform for the display trinkets to stand out.

●     Include a variety of items to enhance the décor on display shelves like potted plants, books, photo frames, candles and such.

●     Secure the wall shelf strongly to avoid any fall hazards.

One of the most practical and visually enticing ways to transform your walls is by using Wall shelves. They are versatile, and functional offering a platform to place your prized trinkets and belongings that display your personality. This not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your living area but also offers a neat storage solution.