If you’ve ever viewed the Amazon product listings carefully, you might have seen that your products have an Amazon Best Seller Rank or BSR. You can find it in the section of your product description.

Although it says “Best Sellers Rank”, but a product does not really have the be ‘Best Seller’ in the word’s sense to have that ranking! Actually, only one sale must be made to your product, yes, only one, to get the best seller ranking. Before getting all excited about this fact that you’re a happy CEO of a best selling digital product on Amazon, this ranking does not necessarily indicate that you really have a bestselling product! sounds weird, right?

However, understanding theAmazon’s competitive marketplace, Amazon BSR, and how can you become a bestseller, will definitely help you in taking your Amazon business a step ahead.

Competitive Marketplace of Amazon

With the growing network of Amazon, it is pretty surprising only some businesses have got success working on this platform. That’s due to the competition level since the amount of sellers extends, as well. Additionally, most of the sellers on Amazon don’t have any idea how the Amazon algorithm works. They commonly think starting a business with Amazon will start generating sales right away.

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How to become an Amazon Bestseller?

So, what is the secret for increasing the Amason Best Seller Rank (BSR) and becoming an Amazon Bestseller? Sales, a lot of them! 

Now, while it’s really that simple, consistent sales must be still your target, as hourly updates are made in BSR. Moreover, Amazon dropshipping can be a great way to boost up your sales, visit this link to learn about how to amazon dropship.

This arises a question – how to get more sales on Amazon?

Start with your listing at first. after all, multiple elements of the listings (Title of product, photos, keywords, product description, etc.) are taken into account by Amazon to decide whom to give the Buy Box, which is an excellent way for boosting the sales. It is therefore important to optimize your listings accordingly. You should not only craft the product listings with the algorithm of amazon in your mind though because inviting a customer to your product page is just half of the challenge.

Moreover, you must use these listings – especially the images and description of your product – for convincing the shopper to make the purchase.

Some high-quality images and a good product description can boost the conversions significantly.

Furthermore, getting reviews from customers can also help in boosting sales on Amazon – Ultimately improving the BSR.


In general words, the best way of improving the Amazon BSR is by getting more sales. However, this should not limit your objectives and strategies. Focus on the other actionable items, like getting your product listings and brand pages more visible on the search results of Amazon. Take time in understanding the metrics of Amazon. Improve your product listing, explore the different Amazon SEO strategies, do your research, and visit site for more help.