Who hasn’t endured the horror of over plucked brows? Suppose back to the first time you tried to shape your brows. Perhaps you plucked too important hair out, or you went for an exorbitant dramatic bow. Whatever it may be, we all know that the perfect eyebrow shape will make you look like a queen!.

But did you know that your face shape plays a crucial part in which shape suits your eyebrows? Keep reading & do visit flawlessmania.com to find out more things like how to pick the right eyebrow shapes for your face!

 How To Choose The Stylish Eyebrow Shapes For Your Face Shape

 There are relatively many shapes that you can choose for your eyebrows. Fuller eyebrows with an advanced bow, thinner eyebrows with a sharper bow, straight eyebrows, soft bends – there are numerous options. Then are the three effects you need to keep in mind when shaping your eyebrows

  • The inner corner of your eyebrow should align with the external corner of your nostril.
  •  The bow of your eyebrow should be after the bow of your eye.
  •  The external corners of your eyebrows should be a laddie bit after the ends of your eyes.
  •  There are numerous face shapes, like round, diamond, square, oblong, heart, and round. Just like certain styles of bangs suit particular face shapes, some eyebrow shapes work more with certain face shapes. Get to know which eyebrow shape is better for your face.
  • 1. Eyebrows For Round Faces

 Having a round face means having wide cheeks. This face shape is more rounded with a bit less jawline. Brow Shape Sharp, angled brows add description to a round face. If you are having a bigger face then go with thick eyebrows.

However, conclude for thinner eyebrows, If you have a lower face.

2. Eyebrows For Oval- Shaped Faces

Face Shape Oval faces are wide at the cheekbones with a lesser face length. Oval faces look further egg- shaped as they aren’t as wide as round faces.

Brow Shape The stylish thing about a round face is that any type of brow shape works well with it. Oval faces are better with any shape so all eyebrow shapes will fit well for your face.

 3. Eyebrows For Heart- Shaped Faces

 Face Shape Your face is wide at the forepart and narrow at the jaw.Brow Shape Brows with soft bends and full consistency look great with heart- shaped faces. The full consistency works well with a wider forepart. The soft bow flows from the forepart to the eyeline seamlessly and without looking too dramatic.

 4. Eyebrows For Square Faces

 Face Shape The range of the forepart and the launch of the jaw is nearly the same size. While the chin does get thinner, it’s still wider and further angular than regular face shapes.

Brow Shape A twisted bow set a little high suits square faces well. The twisted bends of the brows soften the figure of the face. The ends of the eyebrows shouldn’t be set too low as they can make your eyes look droopy.

 5. Eyebrows For Diamond Faces

 Face Shape Analogous to a diamond, this face shape is narrow at the top and bottom. Diamond faces are narrower at the chin, wide at the cheeks, and slightly narrow at the forepart.

Brow Shape Twisted eyebrows give your forepart a wider appearance to balance out your wide cheekbones. Brace them with angled bends to smoothen your facial figure.


 How To Increase Eyebrow Consistence

  •  Apply castor canvas to your eyebrows to naturally increase their consistency.
  • Back-comb your eyebrows gently with a small encounter to give them a fuller look. Encounter the natural growth of your eyebrows to make them look thicker.