6 Important Considerations Before Booking Your Room

The wine, the views, the weather! Northern California is an awe-inspiring destination that satisfies the palate and rejuvenates the mind.

Equally as relaxing and satisfying is the wide array of luxury Napa hotels located in this in-demand area that offers something for everyone: shopping, dining, wine, outdoor activities, and more.

And with so many hotels to choose from, how can you possibly make a decision you won’t regret? Consider these six important things before booking your hotel room.

If you’re planning to visit Napa Valley for the wineries, or if there’s a specific attraction metaphorically calling your name, then the location of the luxury hotel where you rest your head absolutely matters.

Napa Valley is the name of an entire region, made of five towns: American Canyon, Calistoga, Napa, St. Helena, and Yountville. Which town is nearest to your favorite attractions? That’s where your luxury hotel should be located! Ultimately, close proximity will save you travel time during the day so you can visit an extra winery or boutique shop.

Guest Service
One major reason travelers choose luxury boutique hotels over independent apartment or room rentals is the level of guest service they expect to receive. Although having your own private apartment or loft space may be tempting, what you get in privacy you lose out on in major benefits: a dedicated concierge with connections all over the Valley, on-site amenities, and housekeeping just a phone call away.

Although you can check guest reviews on vacation rental websites, without the backing of professionals in the hospitality industry, you never know what you’re going to get. A luxury hotel is trustworthy and steady, like an old – classy – friend welcoming you home. Consider the level of guest service you’d expect, and book a hotel that you know can provide it.

Hotel Amenities
Boutique hotels are designed with guest experience in mind, and as such, they’re replete with amenities. Although you might not use every amenity during your stay, simply knowing that they’re available is comforting.

Too much rain to tour wineries? Your luxury hotel likely offers a premium fitness center, an indoor pool, or a media room where you can relax (and probably still snag a glass of Merlot if you’re in the mood).

Long day touring Napa Valley? You can even kick back at the swim-up bar or schedule a spa appointment to destress.

Which amenities meet your needs? Use this as a tool to narrow down your options.

Wining and Dining
After a long day or a restful night, you’re probably feeling hungry. At a five-star luxury hotel, you can wander to the restaurant – or call for room service – and enjoy a memorable experience and delicious cuisine. Your hotel should get bonus points if their on-site restaurant serves up local fare featuring sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Consider not only dining locales for meals, but also for small bites and cocktails for in-between. Do you really want to stay in Napa without sampling a variety of wines accompanied by a tasting menu?

As they say, variety is the spice of life – which is particularly poignant when talking about restaurants. Choose the hotel that offers you the kind of variety you need to make the most of your trip.

Your Room
Not every luxury hotel is created equally, especially when it comes to your private room. Your hotel room should accommodate everything you need for your Napa Valley experience.

When booking a hotel room, consider bed sizes (a queen may be adequate for one person, but a romantic getaway calls for a king suite) and square footage (the bigger the better for a bachelorette weekend). Regardless of your trip’s purpose, it’s better to play it safe and upsize your room.

Nightly Rates
You’re booking a luxury hotel in Napa – live a little and worry less about the nightly rate. However, you can use the nightly rate as a gauge to determine which hotel will better serve you.

For example, some pretentious hoteliers may value their rooms as far more than they’re worth, especially when you consider the whole package of amenities and other offerings. A very expensive luxury hotel with few amenities may be less alluring than a cheaper one that offers everything you can imagine – and vice versa.

Keep in mind that Napa County charges a 13-percent tax on all hotel stays of 30 days or less, and this fee is added to your hotel bill. Make it worth your while by choosing a boutique hotel that offers a better guest experience.

Make Your Selection Early
The best time to reserve a hotel is about 15 days before check-in – but keep in mind that during special events or at in-demand locations like Napa Valley, it’s smarter to book as soon as you know you’re going. This is especially the case if you’re wanting to stay at a luxury hotel for people with discerning tastes.