Your wedding day is an exciting step in life but can also be daunting to plan. Every little detail needs to fit perfectly into your day, and often big choices have to be made months in advance to get the best options. Planning is vital throughout the process and makes life easier, especially as you approach the big day. One of the main aspects of a wedding is the location and venue. Once you have this foundation, everything else can be planned around it. But selecting this spot for the wedding is one of the trickier elements, so what are the top things to consider?

Take a look at these handy tips on picking the right location for your wedding. 

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Consider the type of destination you want

Before deciding where to get married, think about the type of destination you want to be married in. Do you long for sunny climes and a beach setting, or do you want to create a chic countryside retreat for your nuptials that is somewhere a little more local? The choice is endless. By deciding on the style of destination, it will make the hunt easier. All you then need to do is use a website that details local wedding venues available in the area that you want to get married. Take a look at the descriptions of all the venues in one place and view their starting prices and key details. 

The choice of wedding venues

When you have the destination sorted, the next step is to consider what wedding venues are available. The wedding venue is one of the highest costs of your big day, so it’s crucial to get the perfect one for you and your partner. If you decide on a location but can’t find a suitable venue, you may have to compromise on one of these aspects. However, if you find the perfect spot, the destination often marries up with the venue’s charm. 

Accessible location

Another consideration for your venue and location is how accessible it is for your family and friends. Think about whether you have people attending from different spots across the country, or if the venue is easy to get to by car or public transport. If accessibility is a slight issue, why not consider factoring in transportation to pick people up in a central location. This option could mean more people can attend the event. 

Consider the weather

Unless you are planning a wedding in a place that rarely sees rain or cloudy days, the weather is something to consider. This aspect is typically dependent on the season you’re getting married in. Still, freak storms and extreme weather can occur when you least expect it. The weather should be a significant factor if you’re planning an outdoor soiree. Even if you have provisions for rain, such as a marquee, there are still other elements such as the wind to factor in. The lighting may also be affected if you experience a cloudy day, so chat to your photographer too about getting the best shots. 

Above all, when you check out locations and venues for your wedding, be sure to get ‘the feeling’ of a place. You’ll understand what that feeling is as soon as you see the perfect spot. So don’t ignore your instincts to experience your dream day.