Have you ever wondered how your loved ones utilize their phones? Today, there are numerous apps that can help you mirror someone’s phone and discover what they’re up to. Parents can learn who their kids are communicating with and nip any inappropriate interactions in the bud. Couples, on the other hand, can use this information to establish whether their spouses are cheating on them.

Read on to learn how to see what someone is doing on their phone.

Using a Monitoring App

Spy apps have become all the rage revealing the ways of how read text messages from another phone without them knowing for sure. They’re popularly used to monitor other people’s mobile phone activity and track their movements.

eyeZy is regarded as the most effective app to see what someone is doing on their phone. Apart from being compatible with both Android and iOS devices, this app has numerous tracking features and is easy to operate.

eyeZy allows users to access other people’s devices and trace their activities. Some of its tracking features include:

  • Instant messaging apps tracker: once installed, eyeZy monitors WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Tinder, Viber, Snapchat, and a variety of other messenger apps.
  • Multimedia file viewer: you can conveniently view all the photos and videos that are stored in your target user’s gallery.
  • GPS location tracker: aside from helping you to see everything someone does on their phone, eyeZy has a built-in GPS tracker that displays their exact location on an easy-to-read map.
  • Browsing history checker: curious to know which websites they often visit? This app reveals your subject’s browser history and also enables you to block inappropriate sites should you come across them.
  • Email monitor: you can also view someone’s incoming and outgoing emails using eyeZy, including the recipient’s information and accurate timestamps.
  • Device status info: this tracking app reveals your target device’s battery charge levels, internet connection, mobile operator, and other vital details.

Alternative Solutions You Can Try

If you’re not too keen on installing a spy app, there are several other techniques that you can implement to help you track other people’s cell phone activity.

Let’s discuss three alternative solutions to help you see what someone is doing on their phone:

1. Install a Hidden Camera

Spying on your loved ones with HD cameras can help you to know what plans they’re hatching behind your back. However, it’s not the most ideal tracking method since you ought to have good lighting conditions and optimal camera angles.

High-resolution cameras may come in handy if your target always sits on the same spot when using his/her phone. When setting up your camera, ensure that it can record to an internal memory drive or to the cloud.

Unfortunately, the success of this method relies on too many variables. If your camera quality is low or the room in question is poorly lit, then you won’t capture what your target user does on their phone.

2. Grab Their Phone When They Get Distracted

A simpler technique would be to wait until they’re distracted and gain access to their phone. When the perfect opportunity to seize their device presents itself, unlock it and skim through everything that interests you.

Despite it being a fairly obvious solution, it presents a variety of drawbacks. For instance, you need to know their phone unlock passcode in order to access its contents.

You’ll also have a limited window to go through everything on their device, which might leave you feeling more anxious than before.

3. Log Into Their iCloud Account

Another effective way to see everything someone does on their phone is to access their iCloud account. You can view their emails, calendar events, iMessages, and stored multimedia devices by simply signing into their account.

However, you’d need to have their correct iCloud credentials prior to using this technique. Your target user might also receive an iPhone notification alerting them that they’re logged in somewhere else.


Once you learn how to see what someone is doing on their phone, you’ll be better placed to protect those around you from potential harm. Using eyeZy is the best way to mirror someone’s phone and access their digital activity.