There are different reasons why you may want to sell your house. It could be because you’re going through financial constraints or you want to relocate to a different city. Whatever the reason it is, selling your house often comes with pressure, especially if you have a short period to do so. Under normal circumstances, it can as well be challenging.  

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However, there are tips you can employ to increase the marketability of your house, reduce the time your house stays on the market and also attract the best offers for your house. 

Here’s how you can sell your house fast in Canon city.

Decide the sales method. 

This is perhaps the first thing you need to do if you’ve decided to sell your house. There are two major sales methods involved. You can either opt for sale by owner (FSBO) or hire a real estate agent.


If you decide to sell your house by yourself, you must be able to do the following; have sufficient knowledge of the process involved, have strong bargaining power, do the paperwork and ensure the forms are properly filled, etc. The benefit of choosing this method is that you get to save the commission you would have paid to your agent.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

While some people may be skeptical about hiring an agent because of the commission, there are many benefits involved. Ideally, agents take over the stress of selling your house. They have wide market knowledge, and they know what it takes to sell your house fast in your area. They have professional networks and may be able to link you up with a buyer soon enough. They handle the paperwork, the contracts, negotiations, and the signing and closing of the deal.

Also, agents can spot faults in your house that may repel potential buyers and offer valuable guidance on how to fix them. 

Make Your House Appealing

If you’re going to attract potential buyers fast, then you should make your house appealing to them. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

  • Make It Look Spacious

One of the things people look out for when buying a house is the available space. You can pack your personal property and large furniture that take up space into a storage unit. Also, remove any religious items that may keep buyers away.

  • Clean

You wouldn’t want to leave your house messy while moving out. Ensure you do a thorough cleaning of every part of the house, the rooms, closets, bathrooms, cabinets, tiles, carpets, windows, etc. If you’re unable to do this yourself, you can hire professional cleaning services. 

  • Fix The Faults

If you notice any faults within the house, especially electrical and plumbing faults, make sure to fix them as they can discourage buyers. You can fix peeled or scratched paints, replace broken or loose tiles, replace broken windows, change damaged carpets or rugs, etc. You may also consider a minor renovation such as repainting the house, fixing new cabinets in the kitchen and closets in the room, buying new appliances, etc.

  • Curb Appeal 

The exterior is what potential buyers see even before assessing the interior. So, your house exterior should look tidy, properly maintained and welcoming. Most importantly, it should look like home. To achieve that, ensure you do the following.

Trim the hedges that are along the walkway and around the house, ensure that the walkway is free, cut off overgrown branches from trees, clean out the porch, plant new flowers, fix the security light, and decorate the front door, etc. You can hire a professional landscaper for these tasks.

  •  Take professional photographs

While it may seem convenient and cheaper to take photos of your house with your phone, it may result in poor listing photos. This would make your house stay in the market longer. Taking professional photos would make your house appeal more to buyers. Some real estate agents also offer professional photographs as part of their services.

Make sure there’s enough natural lighting before taking any photograph of your house, both the interior and exterior.

Set a Competitive Price Listing

When deciding on a price, make sure it’s not overpriced, so your house doesn’t stay in the market longer. You may consider the prices that most buyers search for within your area. For example, if your house is listed for $293,000, it will show in search results for homes below $300,000. But if it’s listed for $305,000, it will not show in the search results. Similarly, $299,000 would have a different psychological effect on buyers than $300,000.

In addition, having a great description in your listing would help you sell your house faster. 

Other things you can do to sell your house faster involve holding private showings so potential buyers can take a look at the house by themselves and also adding incentives that would encourage the buyers to buy your house instead of another.