if you are looking for a guideline on how to use GPU thermal paste then you are at the right place. Gpu thermal paste is an essential part of every pc. If you want to keep your hardware components safe then it is always better to use GPU thermal paste. And it should not let your devices overheat and burn out.

Here I will tell you How to use GPU thermal paste so that you will understand the concept easily.

Let’s see what is GPU thermal paste, how to apply it, and why we need it?

What are GPU Thermal Pastes?

A GPU (graphics processing unit) consists of hundreds or thousands of microscopic transistors crammed into a tiny chip. This transistor mess gets extremely hot, especially since most chips are running at or above 90 percent of their potential. This heat dissipated so the graphics processor can carry on performing at its peak level for longer. Gpu thermal paste plays a very important role in ensuring that your GPU remains cool, allowing you to game for longer without having to worry about overheating killing your hardware performance.


How to Use GPU Thermal Pastes?

Gpu thermal pastes – just as the name suggests – is a type of paste, similar to that which you would use for filling gaps around the home. However, this paste has a much different purpose. It can transfer heat from one point on a circuit board to another more effective point. As mentioned above, GPU does get really hot. For gaming purposes, the GPU thermal pastes help to transfer the heat from one place to another. So that your GPU can continue performing.

Correctly applying Thermal Paste – Gpu thermal paste is applied by ‘painting’ a layer of the paste onto both surfaces, then pressing them together. There is no need to go overboard with this. Just a thin layer spread over both surfaces is more than enough. Then the two parts are assembled into your device.

Why use GPU Thermal Pastes?

GPU Thermal Paste provides better contact between the GPU and the heatsink/fan on it. This ensures that heat can transfer more effectively from the GPU to the heatsink/fan, allowing your GPU to work for longer without overheating.

Gpu thermal paste reduces temperature and this gives you better stability and reliability in your hardware performance.

The bottom line is that having a cooler GPU leads to more stability in your graphics card’s performance and life.

Why you don’t use thermal paste:

For several years now the question of whether to use GPU thermal pastes or not has been asked by many people. But people aren’t able to give a straight answer. GPU Thermal Paste is commonly used by gamers and hardware enthusiasts to ensure that their GPU does not overheat, so what are the reasons for not using it?

There are several myths surrounding this, so let’s lay them to rest!  

1) Gpu thermal pastes will damage your GPU in the long run.  

It is said that using GPU thermal pastes on a graphics card will damage it because of excess heat or grease being spread throughout the GPU. This is not true, using GPU thermal pastes will not damage your GPU in any way. It might overheat if you use too much paste but that’s the only thing that can go wrong with an excess of thermal paste.

2) The stock heatsink provided by AMD or Nvidia has a layer of thermal compound or pad that is already applied to it.  

It is true that the GPU heatsink is provided by Nvidia and AMD along with their graphics cards. It has a layer of thermal compound attached to it which provides adequate cooling for the device. However, this layer depleted and worn out with time, especially if you play heavy games regularly on your GPU. This will not only increase the GPU temperature but also reduce your card’s reliability and stability, which is why you should always use a fresh layer of the thermal pastes after removing the stock heatsink from your GPU.

3) The stock heatsink provided by AMD or Nvidia has better thermal conductivity than GPU thermal pastes.  

This is another myth that dispelled since GPU thermal paste has better thermal conductivity. The stock heatsink provided with your graphics card. With continuous usage of your device for heavy gaming or rendering purposes, you will need the best possible cooling in order to maintain stability and performance. Using an old layer of the paste after your stock heatsink loses its properties will not only increase the GPU temperature. But also reduce your device’s reliability and stability. This is why you should always use a fresh layer of the thermal paste after removing the stock heatsink from your GPU.

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