Good internet speed is important to run an online business, conduct online classes, or even mine cryptocurrencies if you’re into that. Even though you can watch your favorite TV shows on Charter Spectrum cable, you may want to stream a movie. For that to your internet speed has to be good enough. But some factors can affect it and make it slow. Read about them below.

Mode of Transmission

Internet transmission through a cable will always beat one through Wi-Fi. The reason is simple. The data losses on a wireless connection are far too many. Apart from this, the distance between the device and router will also contribute to poor internet quality. Therefore, using ethernet cables for gaming consoles, smart TVs, and IoT products is wise. You’ll need lower latencies, faster internet speeds, and no lags for better gaming and viewing experience!

Hardware Specifications

Your internet speeds may not be good enough due to the outdated hardware of your device. New devices reach the market with better support for new software. Poor hardware support for new wireless protocols may also result in slower speeds. You may need to get a better Wi-Fi dongle for better connectivity.


Malware can greatly slow down the internet speed. This is because it continues to run in the background and consume your internet. Spyware works similarly. It continues to secretly record your activity and compromise your data. Simultaneously, it also shares information with its creator(s) while using your internet bandwidth. Therefore, you must always keep your firewall active. Apart from this, you must install a reliable antivirus as well. Conduct full scans after regular intervals to detect malware or spyware. Doing so will enable you to take remedial action while you still have time.

Quality of Router

The Router distributes wireless signals to all the internet-enabled devices in your home. You may not be getting good internet speeds likely due to an outdated router. It may even be damaged. It is recommended to replace a router once every three to four years. Make sure that your router uses the latest Wi-Fi standards (802.11). This will enable you to get a faster internet speed. Note that outdated routers have a poor signal transmission range and weaker antennas as well.

Location of Router

The location of your router plays a vital role in effective signal transmission. Take care in placing your router in such a place so that most of your Wi-Fi-enabled devices can connect to it. Make sure not to place mechanical interferences close to the router. Otherwise, this may impact the quality of the signals. An area that is not obstructed by walls or doors will also help.

However, you may not be able to set up a router in such a way in every house. The reason is simple. The design of the house may not allow such an arrangement. Therefore, use a mesh network or range extender in such cases.

Browser Type

The type of browser you’re using to access the internet may also directly impact your internet speed. Outdated browsers like Internet Explorer, despite updates, will provide lower internet speeds compared to Chrome. Therefore, always prefer Safari, Firefox, and Chrome as they receive regular updates and provide the best page loading speeds.

Server Configuration

When you browse different websites, you’re actually accessing them on different servers where they are hosted. The host server of your target website may be down or underpowered. In such a case, you will not be able to experience good internet speeds for the website you’re browsing. However, the rest of your browsing activities will be just fine.

Connection Type

The biggest factor that determines the speed of your internet is the connection type from your internet. Remember that optic fiber provides the fastest internet speeds. This is because they transmit data in the form of light waves. After optic fiber comes DSL. Try to look for an optic fiber connection in your area for a fast browsing experience.

Processing Speed

Good computer processing speeds also play a key role in allowing users to have a smooth browsing experience. You may experience lower speeds if your computer’s processor is not good enough or outdated.

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