Hummer from GMC is quite a popular vehicle and just its name is enough for people to recognize it worldwide. To make it even more popular, GMC decided to launch the 2022 Hummer EV that will have everything a gas-powered Hummer has and also is environmentally friendly.

This EV variant of Hummer’s powertrain is what makes people excited about this vehicle along with numerous available features. Drive to a GMC dealership near Salinas to check this vehicle out and know detailed information about it.

The powertrain is what makes people most excited about this vehicle

Only one powertrain is available for the 2022 Hummer EV. The setup involves 3 electric motors that can create 1000 horsepower, which is massive as you can understand from the number. Also, standard drivetrain for this car is AWD and is estimated to reach 0-60mph within mere 3 seconds.

In addition, GMC mentioned that achieving such horsepower is possible due to their Watts-Freedom launch technology that is included in its driving mode. Besides, according to this car manufacturing company, Hummer EV should have torque of over 11,000 lb-ft; however, this is just an estimated number for now. Irrespective of that, this vehicle will have colossal pulling power, which would be much more than its rivals.

Also, like all other Hummers, this EV variant will offer a smooth and precise ride that any individual will love. Also, it can tow a minimum of 7,500 lbs and a maximum of 11,000 pounds. In addition, its payload capacity numbers vary from 1,500 to 3,500 lbs.

This powertrain is unbelievable and is what makes people most excited about the 2022 GMC Hummer EV. People looking for more details simply should opt for a drive to Salinas GMC dealer.

Other aspects that make people fall in love with 2022 Hummer EV

One of the most interesting aspects is the Ultium technology battery pack that powers this vehicle. This batter aids this car to run a whopping 350 miles after it is once charged completely. This automobile will also consist of an electrical architecture (800-volt) along with a fast-charging feature, which will help this car run for 100 miles if charged just for 10 minutes.

Apart from DC charging stations, GMC will also offer an option for this vehicle to get charged at regular charging terminals by an adapter provided by the organization. However, without a DC charging station, total time taken for charging it completely will be more.

Coming to its look; the Hummer EV variant offers a sleek design that is missing from several Hummer models. From its front headlights to aerodynamics of the chassis, paint job and more makes people feel immediately attracted to it as soon as they see this car. Also, the interior is spacious enough for people to sit comfortably with plenty of legroom and more. Also, upscale design and upholstery only make this vehicle even better. Quite a few trims are available for this automobile, among which the base version Hummer EV2 costs $79,996. As higher you go, the trims will cost more, so exact pricing details visit a dealership immediately.