Having your own property in the heart of Bangalore is quite an overwhelming phenomenon. It is even more happening if the location is Whitefield, which is home to an endless number of malls like Inorbit, Phoenix, Forum, and more. Whitefield is filled with upmarket apartments, IT parks, and entertainment spaces. Imagine having your own 1 BHK apartment in Whitefield, quite exciting right? Provident Housing is one of the reputed real estate companies in India that has diversified housing projects ongoing. If you’re someone who is envisaging a 1 BHK apartment purchase in Bangalore then this is the right article for you.

Reasons Why Purchasing a 1 BHK Apartment is a Favourable Option

Purchasing a house can be quite a daunting task, and what is even more stressful is choosing the BHK. There are certain factors that come in the way while you anticipate your buy – budget, location, placement of floor, nearby amenities, in-house facilities, and more. 1 BHK apartment is the most favourable option for a working professional, or student, or even for a nuclear family. Here’s why.

  1. Economical

The first and foremost factor behind buying a 1 BHK apartment in Whitefield is economical pricing. Now, let’s get real, Whitefield is quite a posh area in Bangalore. It is constantly developing and offering progressiveness by emerging companies, educational hubs, leisure and social spaces, entertainment places, healthcare institutes, and so more. A 1 BHK apartment will be comparatively affordable and simultaneously provide you with the opportunity to reside in an established place. 

  1. Receive Additional Financial Benefits

Another beneficial factor to consider is the reduced EMI and down payment, you need to pay. Moreover, the best part about opting for a 1 BHK apartment is, it falls under the affordable housing category that offers a subsidized home loan scheme. Once you have a calculated financial plan, proceeding with the decision will be an easy process.

  1. Limited Additional Cost

It is quite evident that the additional cost incurred in a 1 BHK apartment in Whitefield will be apparently less as compared to a 2BHK apartment. A 1 BHK apartment takes up less space that leads to the limited installation of electric appliances that eventually leads to saving up on electricity bills. Furthermore, 1 BHK apartment comprises mostly necessary items, and maintaining them will not incur much expense as well. Additionally, every building has its own maintenance cost that needs to be paid monthly, a 1 BHK apartment will cost less in this as well.

  1. When Low Demand Becomes Advantageous

Wondering how not having high demand can be advantageous? Well, according to research market trends, people are majorly opting for 2BHK as compared to 1 BHK. Since the crowd is inclined towards 2BHK, there is a decreasing purchasing trend towards 1 BHK leading to decreased prices. There will be innumerable choices to choose from. There is more than one,  1 BHK apartment in Whitefield that you can get at a steal deal and it would likely be a perfect fit as well. 

  1. A Feasible Investment Option

1 BHK apartment anywhere across India is a hugely investment-worthy choice. This is because, maximum times, bachelors, school or college students, working professionals prefer it because of its minimized cost. Considering the place of Whitefield, getting a 1 BHK there will be the most fitting option. Not to mention the petty maintenance costs that eventually lead to a huge amount by the end of the year in 2BHK ones. 

Provident Housing has been running the business for a long time and has designed some of the finest real estate projects across India. In Bangalore, they have the best 1 BHK apartments one can think of. Every one of them is built with advanced facilities and surrounded by healthcare, educational, and leisure spaces.