Leaking Taps

How to Stop Your Taps Dripping at Night

If you are suffering from a leaky tap, then you know the feeling. It’s like having a drip-drip-drip going on in your house all day and night. It is very annoying, especially when it is loud enough to wake you up from sleep or disrupt conversations with friends. Plus, it wastes water! If that can be prevented then why not? You need to explore any possible means to ensure you fix your leaking taps. Below are some of the ideas you can use to fix your leaky taps, the ones that can make you want to tear off your hair in the middle of the night. 

If you want to stop your taps dripping at night, there are several ways you can do it. But you want to ensure you do it fast as it can mess with your sleeping patterns then interfere with your daily life. 

Here are some of the ways you can stop the taps dripping at night:

  • Use a rubber band. A simple rubber band can hold the tap in place and keep it from dripping. Simply pull the tap down slightly so that its flow is reduced, then wrap it with a thin piece of elastic or string that holds the tap up against its body again. The flow won’t be completely stopped, but it will be significantly reduced enough so that you won’t hear any more drips coming out of the faucet when you’re trying to sleep.
  • Use a newspaper or an old rag/cloth (or even both). If you don’t have any elastic handy—or if using it would look weirdly unprofessional—you can easily wrap up some paper towels over your drip-prone faucets before bedtime by simply stuffing them through one end of each spout until they reach their respective threads inside the pipes themselves (keep an eye on those pipes, though; sometimes they’ll leak after all this work.)

Call A Plumber

If you have a leaky tap that’s driving you crazy, don’t waste a lot of time trying to fix it if you don’t know what you are doing. You can always get in touch with a Plumber Canberra to help you fix it. There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t fix the tap on your own and need to call a plumber. 

And they are…… 

  • It’s not safe to attempt repairs yourself. You could hurt yourself or damage your home if the wrong tools are used, and even if your DIY project was successful there is no guarantee that you fixed the problem. A professional plumber has been trained on how to fix leaking taps safely while protecting both themselves and their clients’ properties.
  • Calling a plumber may be expensive in some cases but it’s worth it because they can fix the problem quickly and save money in the long run by avoiding unnecessary costs such as replacing entire showers or faucets just because there is a leak in one part of them (which would happen if someone attempted repair themselves).

Leaking Taps Need To Be Fixed

Leaking taps can be quite annoying if left unfixed for longer periods. Luckily, there are several ways that you can explore to fix the tap – even at night. These are some of the ideas of what to do with a leaking tap.