Dating apps were things people talk about before the lockdown, but now they’re one of the common ways to meet potential partners. Global pandemic certainly brought a lot of changes to our everyday life, and dating is no exception. A wonderful thing is that you don’t have to date another person, but you may click to become good friends or chat buddies.

After all, one of the most difficult things to overcome with isolation and social distancing is loneliness and alienation from others. So, if you are ready to join millions of people, here are the most successful online dating sites you should give a try. according  to

1.    Tinder

Tinder is the one online dating app everyone knows about! Used for casual dating, this app has over 50 million members globally and free membership. The accent here is on photos, so make sure to upload the ones that represent you the best. The concept is to swipe left for NO and right for YES when choosing a potential date partner.

While it may lack more detailed profiles, you can leave your name, Instagram account, education, job title, location, and a company you work for. You can limit your partner search to 1 to 100 miles from you, as well as set an age range. If you want to have more features, you will have to get paid version for almost $20 per month.

2. has an intuitive interface that gives you an option to be contacted only by those members that fit your criteria, called the Zen Mode. However, the only way to communicate with other users is to pay a subscription, which is on the more expensive side at almost $50 per month. Besides that, won’t disappoint since it’s one the oldest dating sites, with almost 30 years of providing services.

While you may have to wait a bit for profile approval, it offers a superb filtering tool, like height, the number of kids someone wants or has, and their salary. The same applies to you, but this information is not mandatory if you don’t feel comfortable sharing it. This service is especially recommended for those who went through a breakup and are trying to get back to dating due to its robust vetting process.    

3.    Hornet

Although Grindr is one of the most popular LGBTQIA+ apps, others have emerged that offer better experiences, like Hornet. Founded in 2013, this app has more than 30 million members all over the world, the majority being in the USA, Russia, Brazil, and Turkey. If you are looking for a gay matchmaker, let this app help you find Mr. Right.

Specially designed for G, B, T, and Q populations from the acronym, besides matchmaking, Hornet also offers tips, lists, and other content. Hornet comes as a free version and a paid one that offers premium features.

4.    Kippo

There’s a place for everyone in the online dating scene. The proof of that is Kippo, a dating app for gamers and those with nerdy nature. Unfortunately, the app is only available for mobile, but it includes both Android and iPhone models. With the futuristic interface, this app does try to appeal to those from the gaming world, but it has similar features as other dating sites.

You have to enter a location, age, and gender range, as well as upload real photos, just like with other apps. The plus is you can identify as nonbinary and include everyone in your interests for a potential partner. Unlike the usual variety of online dating services, Kippo gives you space to let others meet you through your interests, with emphasis on nerdy ones.

5.    Lumen

That dating is should not be biased to age is reflected in the number of apps for those over 50. Lumen is one of those dating sites with over 350,000 users worldwide and free membership. The basic concept is to write a message to other people no longer than 50 characters that will interest them in chatting with you.

Besides this uncommon feature, you still get detailed profiles, verified accounts, and long bios. Paid membership allows you 12 conversations per day, while the free version gives you only half of that. Still, this is an ideal app for those who became single in their later years and want to start dating again.

All in all

Going through available online dating sites can be daunting, but it can make a lot of difference when looking for a potential partner. Take your time and find the app that offers everything you need to find the person that may be your next love interest or only a friend. In the end, the main goal should be to meet new people and keep the loneliness at bay, and that’s what dating apps excel at.