Child is the father of man and a well protected and a well nourished child is the foundation of a healthy society. There are so many organisations which are reaching out to ensure that the lives of children in need are made better. But it is not only the organisations that matter but it is also the intention that matters. One cannot be helping someone without a purpose but one surely can help someone without the need for validation.

This is where Project Colors tries to be different. It is an organisation which encourages a person to know the child will donate towards its development and make things better for all. We interact with those who need help and encourage the children towards better living, better empowerment and a better future.


We believe in making campaigns with an impact. We help our patrons to interact with the child they wish to sponsor, seek the bond that would fulfill their needs, and enlighten the society with better and newer ways of funding and promoting donations online. We help to create awareness through simple campaigns and this brings us, the patrons and the receiver much closer. Social media is king and we employ the best resources that would enable social media to be beneficial to this noble cause.

Raising Funds

Raising funds is the key  and it is not only financial help that is the need of the hour. It is the intention that always comes to the fore, and we help everyone to raise funds through simple methods. First of all introducing the receiver is important . We search for the right receiver, inspect their background and then make sure that the patrons get what they want. As  part of such campaigns, you could spread the word and help us. This is the fundamental of raising funds which are usually used to provide food, shelter and clothing to the Children’S Charities. These types of fundraising campaigns come to the fore because these are initiatives which bring friends and family together. The money that is donated through such campaigns are usually used to feed the children, or provide them with the right kind of education or at times giving them a shelter that could give them security.

Online Methods

Online transactions have become commonplace today and it is interesting to see the manner in which the pandemic has made the online dealings so much a way of life. In today’s corona pandemic times, it is difficult to go to a place and interact. This is where the combination of social media and online dealings help. We can interact with our sponsors online and make a decision on how to donate. Creating awareness is the key so you could spread the word after donating and enable others to know about this. Getting more and more people to fund helps to serve the cause that we began with and that is ensuring that every deprived child gets what it deserves.

Celebrations and Us

Celebrate an occasion and bring that smile on the faces of those who have not seen joy since long. When you donate it brings an interesting twist in the life of a deprived child. Occasions bring people and families together and for those who have none, we help them stay happy through you. Celebrate small occasions with these children and help them revisit their birthdays or anniversaries and make them feel important. This is another way you could contribute. You could sponsor their occasions and give them a chance to smile.

Charitable fundraising

Fund raising through charitable means also gives one the sense of fulfilment. Donate towards a cause and make things functional in a unique way. There are so many campaigns that ensure that one can be part of a system that makes way for bringing about a change in the world that is not only beneficial but also charitable.

Project Colors and charities for children

Project Colors is a foundation with a difference.We work towards making sure that every deprived child is looked after well, and also is healthy and well nourished. Through fundraising, we ensure a continuous circle of give and take that makes things easier for the have nots and fulfilling for the haves. This becomes a win-win situation. We thus have been able to bring about a change that is well rounded and organised without any strings attached.