Pizza is a universally loved indulgence, and it can also be a powerful tool to unite communities and give back. Papa John’s CEO, Rob Lynch, proved this when he took over the company in 2019 and quickly strategized ways to address the challenges of the communities that franchises served. The Papa Johns CEO didn’t stop there. Donations and volunteering followed the onset of the COVID pandemic, giving Papa John’s the opportunity to help families and frontline workers.

Papa John’s Delivering a Special Pizza Thanks to Frontline Workers

While many restaurants struggled to stay open and keep staff employed during the pandemic, Papa John’s found a way to thrive and give employees the additional support they needed. Bonuses totaling approximately $2.5 million were distributed to 14,00+ employees. Crisis pay and incentives further supported staff and demonstrated the new CEO’s dedication to building a healthy company culture. This move didn’t just demonstrate appreciation—it showed the company’s commitment to helping staff succeed in the midst of unprecedented events.

How Papa John’s Large Donation of $90,000 Helped Out Families in Louisville

Bonuses are just one part of the support Papa John’s extended during the pandemic. In addition to directly helping its frontline workers, the company invested in communities that were struggling the most. One such area, Louisville, was lucky enough to receive a $90,000 donated gifted through the Papa John’s Foundation for Building Community. The grant will be used for the following:

  • Partner with YMCA to provide swimming events
  • Host ten swimming events in the community
  • Maintain pool operations
  • Hire lifeguards to monitor pools
  • Offer daily swim lessons at an aquatic center
  • Provide high school students with swim lessons

The donation transformed the Louisville community and ensured that locals would be able to enjoy swimming despite a shortage in the municipal budget. Transportation to and from swimming events was also funded by the donation.

Pizza That Makes a Difference in the Community

Since introducing Rob Lynch as Papa John’s CEO, the pizza chain has seen a revolution in community involvement, staff support, and overall impact. The company’s reputation may have seem threatened by the departure of its former CEO and founder, but any threat that existed has been overcome completely. The restaurant is now one of the top pizza chains in the country, with a reputation for community involvement and quality food.

Innovating with Available Resources

Community involvement isn’t the only innovation that Rob Lynch has ushered in. The new CEO has also famously campaigned for new menu items that are innovative and fresh. He takes a unique approach, though, and focuses on using resources that are already available to franchises. Rather than expecting staff to utilize new tools and supplies, he encourages fresh takes on existing classics.

Investing in COVID Recovery Through Pizza

Papa John’s is America’s favorite pizza, but the company offers much more than food. With a new CEO and a commitment to community building, Papa John’s is positioned to make a genuine impact, helping frontline workers thrive and supporting programs that benefit everybody. Order a pizza today or learn more about the difference Papa John’s is making.