The internet if anything, has made knowledge and information increasingly accessible to everyone. This democratic nature of the internet has enabled people to benefit and help themselves by learning new skills and making a living off of it. Businesses, for example, have thrived due to the information technology that connects business owners to customers and has created a smooth channel of communication between the two. 

Learning new skills online has become a lot easier thanks to the various certified courses available covering hundreds of skills. You can learn a new skill and make money by applying to online remote jobs and earning a steady income. These online courses are great for kickstarting a new career or boosting yourself professionally. Recruiters look for people who work on themselves and keep acquiring new skills, setting themselves apart from other qualified workers.

If you want to learn a new skill or upgrade your information on a skill you make a living out of, we have a list of course recommendations that will gear you up professionally. Just make sure you have a solid internet connection preferably a fiber optic internet that will run smoothly during your online course. Check out AT&T internet plans for a variety of internet services and choose one that suits your requirements.   

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best online courses. We hope there’s something you’re looking for!

Digital Marketing Course by Google

Digital marketing is one of the best online, remote fields that promises a good income. Digital Marketers make up to $56,000 per year. Apart from good communication skills, this digital marketing course offered by Google makes you a certified digital marketer, and the best part is, you can take up the course for free. 

Google’s digital marketing course helps you learn how to grow and boost your business. If you complete the course you will be awarded a certificate that you can add to your resume or your LinkedIn profile so recruiters can judge you on the basis of your qualifications. 

Even if you’re a small business owner and are looking to grow your business, you can take up with marketing course and implement similar tricks for yourself. It’s a win-win!

Upgrade your Design game with Canva’s Design School

Canva is a great design tool that allows you to create elaborate designs in various content styles. If you’re a newbie, this design course will help you navigate Canva and explore the many perks it offers including video editing, designing, and scheduling social media content for various social networking sites. You can make ads, posters, brochures, website banners, and a lot more using canva’s own pool of design elements, backgrounds, fonts, images, etc. 

Design school’s course on Canva is totally free of cost. You can simply build your skill and earn without having to invest in anything. Although there is a paid version of Canva available with a lot more templates and designs to choose from. All you need to do is sign up for a Canva account, have a steady internet connection, and viola!

Facebook Blueprint

A lot of people use Facebook for marketing their business online, however, not everyone gets results. Facebook lets you run paid ads that target your desired target audience and provides insights into who visited your profile, who visited your link, and the demographics that are most interested in your business profile. 

Facebook Blueprint is a free course that teaches you how to run a business successfully on Facebook. This involves targeting the right audience, converting leads into sales, establishing a strong digital presence, and more. 

To access the course, simply login to your Facebook account, select a topic you want to learn about, and start your free online course!

Learn Web Development with Future Learn

Future Learn is offering a free course on web development that will help you learn how to create amazing websites and earn a lot of money. This course spans over three weeks, with 2 hours every week, teaching you the best tips and tricks to make a smooth and efficient website. 

Their free course titled ‘Introduction to Web Development is a great course for starters, that covers topics including Website designing, HTLM, CSS, JavaScript, and all the essential skills that you’ll require to rank well on search engines. 

With this course, you can freelance and get projects for website design, development or SEOfreelance, get projects for website design, development or SEO, and earn a great amount through a secure online, remote opportunity. 

Summing Up

Learning digital skills is essential in surviving the job market today. You need to have a good set of digital skills and a strong command over your work to be able to earn online. These free courses available online are a great way to hone your skills and make a steady career for yourself. If one of these courses interests you, do give them a try!