Initiating a fixed deposit process promises comfort for the future. An FD account does not depend on volatile market conditions and assures a steadfast growth rate. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and choose the tenure for your deposit with Bajaj Finance. The leading financial operator offers substantial interest rates and the utmost flexibility of account management. 

Profitable Interest Rates 

You benefit immensely from a substantial interest rate that can stretch up to 6.50 % depending on the tenure. Not only that, the company entitles senior citizens to an additional interest rate of 0.25 %.  

Opening a Bajaj Finance online FD account is incredibly easy. Anyone can access the paperless amenity from the comfort of their homes. Exclude yourself from the hassles of standing in lengthy queues or filling up complex paperwork. The end-to-end online transaction also entitles non-senior citizens an additional 0.10 % interest rate above the 6.50 % cap on FD. 

Backed by highly profitable FD interest rates, Bajaj Finance is the financial service provider to hundreds and thousands of investors. Besides resident Indian citizens, Non-Resident Indians can also avail themselves of the benefits of opening an FD account. 

People of Indian Origin and Overseas Citizens of India are also eligible to open and manage their accounts online. Over the years, the accumulated deposit book of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit stands at over Rs. 20,000 Crore. More than 2,35,000 unique FD accounts testify of the trust bestowed by investors. 

Stable Investment 

Opening an online account is not only easy, but also convenient for anyone. Many first-time investors choose Bajaj Finance as their investment vehicle. The minimum amount that you can set as a deposit is Rs. 25,000. The maximum savings limit is Rs. 5 Crore. The flexibility of tenures is yet another major advantage. 

You can set your wealth for growth in any tenure from 12 months to 60 months. However, the interest rate will also vary depending on the length of time you select. To decode exactly how much would you get at maturity, consider using the in-house fixed deposit calculator.  

Strong Backup Plan

Another major advantage of an FD account is the potential liquidity of the cash. You can withdraw the money at any time following an initial lockdown period of only three months. Do note that premature withdrawal accounts for a penalty levied in the form of loss of interest.  

When you take out the money before the designated original time period, the primary interest rate is no longer applicable. You receive the amount with the interest rate applicable at the time of withdrawal. 

Nevertheless, you can still avoid the loss of interest by applying for a personal loan against your FD. The only limitation imposed here is that the loan amount should not exceed 75 % of the total FD amount. Use the FD calculator to find out your total amount.  

Growth over Time 

Investors can also select to keep the money in easy installments. If setting aside a lump sum amount upfront is inconvenient, opt for any of the two monthly installment plans. These permit you a minimum monthly deposit of Rs. 5000 to grow a heavy corpus over time in a disciplined manner. These two plans are the Monthly Maturity Scheme and the Single Maturity Scheme. Together, they come under the aegis of the Systematic Deposit Plan. 

As for the Monthly Maturity Scheme, you can choose to make 6 to 48 deposits. Each deposit accumulated the interest rate prevalent on the day of deposit. Furthermore, the final maturity occurs at different dates for the series of deposits. If it seems unsuitable, you can go for the Single Maturity Scheme. According to this plan, the calculation of successive deposit tenures entitles the maturity of the total amount on a single date. In any plan you choose, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers stability and assurance of growth.