Anodised folding windows are a minimalist architectural feature that effortlessly decorates the spaces, adding a unique and exceptional touch to the rooms. 

Folding anodised aluminium windows are elegant, simple to operate, and energy-efficient. With folding anodised aluminium windows, you also get the pleasure of unobstructed views. 

Folding windows are offered with two prominent designs, horizontal and vertical folding windows.  But, anodised folding windows have ample offerings, and we will be visiting them in this article. 

Overview of Folding Windows

Folding windows use the concertina effect to combine more than two window panels into a single frame. These runners are connected to the panels, allowing them to slide and fold with a pull. It is an amalgamation of beauty and sophistication with a space-saving design. Here are few stellar facts about folding windows:


Folding windows and doors are unmatched in terms of adaptability. The excellent space-saving of folding windows make them an ideal fit for any space or area. For instance, sliding windows may require additional breadth for sashes to glide. On the other hand, folding windows are perfect for such tight spaces. But, horizontal folding windows still require a little bit of room as the windows are composed of at least three panes. You can counter this by installing vertical folding windows, which only take up a portion of the wall. Ultimately, folding windows can serve all the specific spatial requirements of the users. 


Anodised folding windows resist heat and help maintain the temperature indoors. More importantly, air and water tightness benefits are also pivotal in securing windows’ efficiency. For instance, TOSTEM aluminium folding windows are tested as per Japanese Industrial Standards for ensuring air and water tightness, including sound insulation. The company also installs EPDM gaskets in folding windows that can minimise the noise levels upto 25 Decibels with a 6mm glass.  

Secure and Stylish

Anodised aluminium windows are stylish, durable, and pro-privacy. For instance, the crescent locking mechanism enhances security, which is a better alternative than a standard push lock. On the other hand, folding windows’ functionality does not minimise their aesthetic values. As aluminium is sturdy and robust, the folding window can sport a sleek frame with narrow sightlines, providing a minimalistic look. 

Trace Back to Ancient Times

Folding windows have been around for a long time. Folding window and door designs were prominent in the entrances to cities in the prehistoric Roman and Greek empires. The entry to Egyptian tombs and pyramids were said to have intricately carved folding windows and doors. Recent archaeological excavations also reveal historical evidence of folding doors. Anodised aluminium windows are the fashion of the modern fenestration industry, but the inspiration derives from the various architects of ancient housing.


Anodised folding windows are a popular choice among homeowners who want to replace their old windows and give them a modern look. Take advantage of a wide range of versatile design, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance by selecting LIXIL windows products for your home windows


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