Vitamin C

Most of our bodies can be covered with clothes. However, it is rare to cover our faces. Therefore, our face remains exposed to the environment most of the time. Hence, it needs to be handled with great care. There is a need to set a skincare routine that would help our facial muscles to recover from a tiring day of work.

Exposure to sunlight and pollution are major factors in causing damage to the skin. In some rare cases, continuous exposure can even lead to deadly cancers. Tanning, pimples, and dryness are some common issues faced by people. Each of these occurrences is due to a lack of proper nutrients. It is important to ingest healthy fruits that provide the necessary vitamins. Most people in recent times are faced with a deficiency of vitamin C. Such problems can be easily dealt with by adding a routine for your face. 

What can a typical skincare routine look like?

The best time for our human body to recover is during the night. Therefore, a simple routine before going to bed can go a long way. From a hard day of work, one can boost the recovery process by following some simple steps.

  1. Rose water – dab it on some cotton and apply it gently to your face.
  2. Use a hot towel to cover your face
  3. Moisturize by applying any cream to keep your skin hydrated through the course of the night
  4. Use an eye cream for the dark circles
  5. Apply vitamin C serum

What is rose water?

The Rose water or Gulab Jal has made rounds in the cosmetic market for some time now. It is used for the removal of makeup as well. It helps with the cooling of the skin and puts it in recovery mode. It can be used as a toner or mist. It has many benefits, e.g., it helps one maintain the pH balance. Rosewater these days is also available with alcohol. Try to steer clear of those products. 

What kind of serum should one pick for the face?

The buyer has an abundance of choices while picking the best serum from the market. There is one key factor that comes into play while making this choice. Make sure the serum has vitamin c. Naturally, vitamin C is found in citrus fruits. They are considered to be self-cleansing and good for the skin. The lack of this vitamin can lead to scurvy. 

Below are some things to consider while purchasing the serum.

  • Make sure the serum is silicon-free
  • Avoid products that offer skin lightening
  • Pick the serum based on the skin type
  • Check for the % of vitamin C in the product
  • Also, note that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned 

Every athlete has a rest day after long days of workout. Similarly, the resting of our facial tissues is crucial for rejuvenation and repairing. This helps one age more gracefully over some time. Be patient with your skin. It takes time to reap benefits out of all the skincare routines that you do. The idea is to be regular and consistent. Glowing skin is a great boost for confidence. Therefore, investing in little things can go a long way.