I want a bag!

Girls, we know the story doesn’t end with the above sentence. It starts with I want a bag and ends up with the nature of the requirement you have for a particular occasion.

Have we often found ourselves having too many items in our hands and always struggled to find the right place to put everything out and about? We know these things apply to every woman out there, and it may be time to start considering a larger bag that you can carry around with you each day.

Yes! We have got your back this time with our unique block-printed Canvas bags which can be customized. Check out US Imprints to know more details.

Let’s check what we have got in our bag for you!

Old school Canvas Messenger Bags – New Fashion Style Statement

Canvas has become the most acceptable fabric due to its unique features and properties. Apart from its other diversified usage, Canvas is highly used in manufacturing bags that are rapidly replacing plastic bags worldwide. Bags made out of them come in different sizes and different designs. People from different walks of lice with varied tastes would find a piece of their interest. 

When moderately and artistically applied, acrylic paints can generate unique color patterns on the body panels of bags, thereby enabling the creation of bespoke carriage products. Random prints can cause visual confusion in viewers’ minds, thus reinforcing the core value proposition that drives the innovation of different types of canvas bags. 

These traditional yet unique canvas sling bags are bags that give you everything in terms of durability, functionality, and versatility. You can carry them whenever and wherever you want, with all your different types of outfits because these ageless wonders will fit all your various styles and outfits. 

We tried to create the best block printed canvas slings bags that are durable and can be carried for everyday use. The designs, the production process, the colors, and the final product are essential for us. That is why we have carefully chosen our materials and handcrafted production processes, making us different and stand apart from other manufacturers. 

After presenting all the features of our unique canvas sling bags, it’s now time for you to pick your favorite canvas messenger bag!

Women Canvas Sling Bags

We bring these beautiful Canvas Slings for you in collaboration with TASK-An NGO for special people based in Mumbai. Carry these handcrafted Canvas Sling Bags anywhere and everywhere and stand out in the crowd. These beautiful block printed canvas sling bags can also be a perfect gift item, perfect for any occasion.

Find our refined choice of canvas messenger and sling bags. These novel crossbody bags are produced from high-quality materials, like faux leather and waxed cotton canvas. With a wide assortment of styles, plans, and tones, there is a side bag for each taste and style. That is the reason we made minimalist designs on a diversified palette of colors.

They are the best sellers and you know why?

  1. One of the most significant benefits of these canvas bags is that you can put anything in them. These bags are so large and they have plenty of space, which means that you can put your notebook, laptop, items you are buying, food, and other possessions in there without any problems.
  2. Come home and empty the contents of your canvas bag every few days. Then you can wash the bag in the sink and hang it out to dry.
  3. They are some of the most durable bags that you will find. Even if you load up the bag with heavier items and place it on your shoulder, you will find that its straps will give a tough competition to your shoulders(your shoulder might break but not your canvas bags).
  4. One of the best things about having a canvas tote bag is that you can quickly get several of them for a reasonable price. 
  5. When we talk with people about handling items they are using each day, most say that having a dedicated spot to put everything helps a lot. That is one of the reasons why we recommend getting a canvas tote bag.

Girls, let’s be honest. No matter how long our checklist of bags might be, there is that one bag we are not ready to part ways with, irrespective of its age. Whether it is a 4-year old designer tote or less than a year old bag, it is present in almost every one of your Instagram photos. 

At Crafthues, we believe that relationships are not only meant to be with living things only, but they should also be nonliving things like your personal bags. That’s why we make every bag with style & comfort, which generates a long-term relationship with the owner and you can almost include them in your every Instagram photo for different occasions.