quartz countertops

Are you planning a major kitchen upgrade for your Lima, OH home, and are searching for the perfect countertop to grace your custom cabinets? Natural stone continues to be the favorite option for homeowners across the world due to its elegance, durability, and unique appearance. But should you go with granite, marble, or something totally different? Explore the highlights of the most popular surfaces and their appealing attributes.

Are Granite Countertops Truly the Best Option for Your Lima, OH Renovation?

If you are searching for a stone counter that is extremely durable but still offers a wide selection of color and texture, granite just might satisfy all your preferences. Granite and quartzite are the hardest types of stone available for custom counter installation. You can find a slab that features your favorite color palette including black, gray, and variations of pink and rust. It is like having a masterpiece of art serving as your work surface. Granite requires minimal maintenance and will keep its lustrous finish for years. Run your fingers along its polished surface and feel the natural variations in the stone that bring its beauty to life.

Quartz Countertops Offer a Durable Option if You Prefer a Man Made Surface

Maybe you prefer manmade materials as a countertop surface. We also install custom quartz countertops in many Lima homes. Even though it is a manufactured surface, it still offers many variations found in granite or marble slabs. Veining retains the random flow of real stone. Your counter may incorporate some surface texture lending added interest. Some types of quartz use recycled materials to create new and interesting colors that brighten up a contemporary design.   It resists stains and scratches but is not impervious to accidental damage.

Other Natural Stone will Tell a Story as It Builds a Patina Over the Years

Maybe you believe that your kitchen is truly the heart of the home, and you appreciate a well-worn butcher’s block instead of a pristine sea of white cabinetry. Other types of stone such as marble and soapstone will age with time, giving your kitchen a timeless beauty full of purpose and celebration. Soapstone is often found in slabs of gray, black and green. Marble provides an active canvas full of veining in bold or subtle white and gray gradients. Both stones gather minor scratches over the years that create a surface ready to listen to gossip over a shared cup of coffee.

Personalized Service for You and Your Chosen Piece of Stone

At Legacy Marble & Granite, we work hard to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your kitchen countertop selection and installation. After you choose the slab destined for your home, we personally create a unique template in your home. We cut the slab to precise measurements in our on-site fabrication shop and send our own technicians for the final installation.

If you just can’t make up your mind, the best way to decide what type of granite or quartz countertop is right for your Lima, OH home is to visit the showroom at Legacy Marble & Granite in nearby Findlay. Touch our gallery of full slabs of stone in person and discover the piece that speaks to your heart. Give us a call to schedule your personal tour and learn how natural stone will transform your kitchen design into something stellar.