It is no exaggeration to affirm that every poker player must arm themselves with every necessary weapon. This could include the various types of bets you can make. Yet, as a beginner, you can be easily forgiven for thinking that all bets are the same. However, they are not!

Indeed, there are several types of betting in poker, and understanding each betting type and how they work can improve your winning chances. You might decide to peruse different books to understand how these bet types work. However, this guide will do much of the heavy lifting for you, providing you with a deep insight into these types. Ensure you read till the end!


This is aimed at putting a lot of pressure on your opponent to make a mistake. Just as the name sounds, an overbet involves making an oversized bet, which puts your opponent under maximum pressure, with the aim of forcing them to make mistakes. You can adopt an overbet in two different situations. When trying to make a bluff, you take the pot and attempt to make it so expensive for the opponents to try to call out the bluff. It is possible to force the opponents’ hands who might just be holding a marginal hand. Besides this, you can also adopt an overbet when you are trying to build up the pot. 


This is adopted whenever you are attempting to estimate the right size for your bet. In this case, you consider making it concerning the size of the pot. Oftentimes, you should bet anything close to half the pot since this gives you a chance to build the pot while having a hand. Also, your opponents are forced to consider if they should continue or not. Betting too big or too small is not an ideal play. 

Continuation bet

The continuation bet, in poker, involves a player raising before the flop. In this case, it is almost possible they keep representing a strong hand when they also bet on the flop. This is one of the popular bet types in poker. Even inexperienced players adopt the continuation bet, allowing them to put enough pressure on the opponents. This enables you to win the pot instantly irrespective of the strength of your hand. The aim of this continuation betting is to ensure that other players can release their hands with little resistance.

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Value Bet

The aim of the value bet is to put enough money into the pot without scaring the opponents off. In this case, you believe that you have the best hands and attempt to increase the pot size, which you are about to win. The only issue here is that you might want to get the maximum amount of money as you can into the pot. Also, you are trying to stake carefully not to scare your opponents off. You want to find the maximum bet that will force your opponent to call.

This could vary depending on many factors, including your opponent. However, a value bet should generally be about half the size of the pot. Most times, this is not big enough to tempt a losing opponent, but bug enough to offer your hand protection against opponents that can overtake your hand. When you bet half the size of the pot, you are only giving your opponent pot odds of 3 to 1. What this implies is that an opponent would be making a mistake when they have a drawing hand since they would lack the odds to chase most drawing hands.

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Donk Bet

Normally in poker, when you see someone playing aggressively before the flop, you don’t care how good your hand might be on the flop. Alternatively, a donk bet goes against this. In poker, donk betting occurs when a player raises instead of checking to it. This type of betting, as its name may suggest, is not really a wise choice. However, donk betting is not a safe way to play long-term, even though some pro players use it to counter aggressive opponents.

Three Bet

The term three-bet refers to a player raising and another player re-raising. This may occur both on the flop and after. When a player three-bets, they’re showing they’re willing to commit more chips to the pot as they’re coming over the top of the initial opener. 

Value Bet

Poker bets are typically made for two reasons. Either you are bluffing your opponent by betting to get them to fold, or you are betting because you believe you have the best hand and want them to call. This is called a value bet.


Poker has experienced a dramatic rise in popularity in recent times. It is an interesting casino game to try out. However, it is important to know the best type of betting to adopt.