Our great country is known around the world for its outdoor lifestyle and when it comes to sports, Aussies are always at or near the top. What sports do we play in Australia? It would be easier to ask what sports we don’t play (ice hockey, skiing and bobsleigh). 

Here is our top 5 sports list in Australia.

  1. Cricket – Introduced by the English in the mid-19th century, it wasn’t long before we were beating our masters and those who are looking for the best cricket bats can find a great selection online. People from all levels of society play cricket, most schools have very competitive boys’ and girls’ teams that play at the state level. Who hasn’t been to a Test match? We don’t know of anyone who hasn’t experienced the atmosphere when we play our arch-enemy in the Ashes.
  2. Rugby League – With over 160,000 registered NRL players in Australia, we can safely say Rugby League is alive and kicking. It’s a tough game but Aussies are tough by nature and they love nothing more than a hard game. Most leagues are televised and healthy numbers attend the big games.
  3. Aussie Rules Football – The AFL is thriving in 2023 and footie is played and watched all over the country. Two teams of 18 players pit their wits and strength; the pitch is oval and usually, the game is played on cricket ovals, which are slightly modified. Not for the squeamish, footie is a contact sport and injuries are common; fights often break out – there’s a lot of testosterone out there – which adds to the excitement.
  4. Tennis – We have always had tour winners; Rod Laver is a household name, while Nick Kyrgios is currently in the top 20 world-ranked players. Margaret Court and Eva Goolagong, who was at one stage the women’s number one player, are names we all know; tennis clubs around the country reflect the popularity from a playing perspective and the sold-out Australian Open is always a thrilling affair. Here is an interesting blog on Muay Thai and how it helps seniors.
  5. Swimming – We couldn’t leave out swimming, which is actively taught in all schools; a huge nation surrounded by the ocean is the perfect scenario for swimmers and surfers. Schools teach the kids how to swim, as it could save your life and according to a recent survey, over 3 million Australians swim regularly.

Whatever sport you like to play, it is a healthy form of entertainment and we have a reputation around the world as a sporting nation that loves to compete. Cricket is one of our best sports, in terms of winning on the international stage, and whether you play or watch, cricket is a passion that most Aussies hold.

The next generations have many choices when it comes to sport and with solid grassroots in the above disciplines, we can expect to see international stars entering the arena.