With COVID and Lockdown all over the world, everyone was forced to stay indoors. Schools, shopping centers, playgrounds, clubs, restaurants, and every entertainment and gathering place were shut down. But parents still had to keep their kids happy and entertain anyways. 

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Following are few things listed that parents tried and you can also try to keep your kids entertained in the security of home.

Play a game:

Games served as kids’ best playmates throughout the COVID lockdown as they carried all their socializing online. There are a ton of decent games to play online with kids, so they can still see and speak with their friends. Yet it’s also a tremendous way for parents or elders to consume time with children also keep an eye on them too.

kiyara meaning is “God’s precious gift”.

Create your music video:

TikTok became extremely famous last year for the first time and now it is almost on every mobile phone. If one is not a content creator, they are trying to become one with an app brings so easy to use. Lip syncing videos are going viral every day on the internet, which is fun to watch. But you don’t need TikTok to have your fun.

You can create your video simply using a phone. Try to choose a concept with kids, dress up, rehearsal, and record, all that process will keep your kids busy for a long time.

You can share them if you want to, with friends and family or in public.

Do a science experiment:

With all the online education, science experiments and physical science labs are not being conducted properly. But Just because schools aren’t offering them doesn’t mean you can’t teach them at home. Learning can be started at any place and you can perform science projects at home with stuff available at home and ingredients in your kitchen. But for safety, move it into the garden and take all safety measures.

Hindu Names meaning are available all over the Internet, Kiyara meaning is a Gift from God. Such a beautiful meaning.

Movie Time:

Watching a kid-friendly animated movie is also a great option to keep your kids entertained. Instead of handling the phone and letting them play with it, try and set up a movie time. Make some popcorn, candies, dim lights, and try to make a cinematic experience. With cinema closed and risk of virus, give them a much-needed cinema experience.

Bake a Cake:

Baking or cooking is great entertainment and keeping busy. Make sure you are letting them get a chance to cook something. Helping prepare food with your kids, such as baking cookies or a cake. It will keep them busy and also you’ll have a dessert if everything went well.

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