The most popular gemstone Turquoise is a semi-precious stone and is highly desirable for jewelry. Turquoise jewelry is no less than a miracle into the person’s life, and nor it is as expensive as a diamond or sapphire. Moreover, the stone has the prestige of being the only gemstone with a color actually named after it. In this blog, we’ll guide you to through the tips and points for buying the best Turquoise jewelry.

Details from the Past About the Turquoise

Turquoise, the opaque mineral stones that have greenish-blue hues, is excavated from the mines in Asia. However, the stone was brought through the trades that passed through Turkey, and therefore, it is said to be the Turkish stone. Moreover, the turquoise word is derived from the French word because it was first brought to Europe from Turkey. It is one of the oldest stones formed millions of years ago when the water oozes through the rocks, which had copper and aluminum inside them. Then when the chemical reaction took place inside the rocks, the veins were formed, and the turquoise stone was made inside those rocks.

How the Stones Are Determined

The Turquoise is determined from the place it comes, for instance, if the stone comes from Tibet, then it is known as the Tibetan Turquoise. This stone evokes a certain color in mind, although it basically ranges around light sky blue, mid-range blue, deep blue, blue-green, vivid green, sea green, and leaf green. However, the mid-range blue color stone is adored and picked the most.

Properties of the Turquoise Stone

This stone can be cut into many shapes and sizes, like cabochons, ovals, chips, and beads. Furthermore, it is faceted, or it can be used in its rough form depending on the piece of the jewelry. For example, turquoise bracelets that are mostly worn are not sparkly gemstones but have a matte appearance. Moreover, the stone even included the matrix, meaning the dark spidery web-like inclusion, ranging from light to dark. Therefore, the pieces with the inclusion are more attractive rather than the glossy ones.

Getting the Exclusive Look with Turquoise

To get a classy and chic look, try wearing the Turquoise earrings, as those pair of earrings can be best suited with dress in the shades of black, brown, white, gray, and nude shades. Furthermore, Turquoise is a versatile colored stone and can be paired with many other colors as well. Although it depends on the wearer, they should ensure that the stone they choose complements the rest of the outfits. In addition, if the wearer doesn’t want to go for big jewelry and more expensive product, they can even try minimalist turquoise jewelry pieces.

Gifting the Turquoise Ring to Your Love

Buying a Turquoise ringcould be one of the best choices as this ring could be best for gifting to the person you love. It is an excellent choice, and in many traditions, it is used as the promise ring with the notion of ‘forget me not.’ Apart from diamonds and ruby, this turquoise ring could also be chosen as the wedding ring. Wearing this ring will intensify the love between the couple and make their relationship stronger, bringing them closer.

Why It Is Essential to Keep the Stone Safe

As Turquoise jewelry is such a unique and essential stone, wearing it in the form of jewelry like the Turquoise necklace or in the form of a ring or pendant would be great. But at the same time, it is vital to take care of the stone, as the stone ranges from 5 to 6 on the toughness scale. In addition, the stones, which have a more complex surface and the Mohs scale than Turquoise, can damage the stone if kept together. So, it is crucial to keep the turquoise stone in a separate box to protect the stone from scratches and damages. However, the Turquoise is porous, which means that it can absorb the liquid and the gases that come into contact.

Tips to Remember While Wearing the Turquoise Stone

  • Always remove the real turquoise ring while doing any kind of backbreaking work.
  • Try to keep the stone away from harsh chemicals, harsh soaps, or detergents because they can damage the stone permanently.
  • Never go to the swimming pool wearing turquoise bracelets or anything jewelry item, as the chlorine water can fade the stone’s color.

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