Tips For The Best Christmas Party Ever

I absolutely love Christmas because of all of the holiday parties! Ugly sweater parties, white elephant gift exchanges, cookie exchanges, breakfast with Santa, and the list goes on and on. I’ve hosted quite a few Christmas parties over the past few years and learned a lot doing so. Today instead of giving you a specific Christmas party idea, I’m sharing Virtual Christmas Party Ideas – 20 Innovative (Holidays) Ideas to host the best Christmas party ever! Doesn’t matter what the theme is or who’s coming to the party, these holiday entertaining tips are sure to make your party the one people are still talking about on Christmas morning!

Christmas Party Food Tips & Tricks

#1 – Have Enough Food But Don’t Go Overboard

You definitely need to have enough food for everyone coming, but don’t feel the need to serve six million different things. For our last party, we just did a couple of appetizers, desserts, and drinks for everyone. The key is to be selective about the time of the party AND to make it clear on the invitation whether you’re serving a full meal or not. Here’s a good rule of thumb for party times and meals. If your party falls within these hours (even if it starts or ends earlier or later):

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Be smart about it, and you should be able to get away with just serving finger food and not a full meal. But again, make it clear on the invite what will be served or you could end up with way too much food or way too little! And I’m always a fan of having candy out for people to grab, for some reason people who don’t normally love treats will eat all the candy at a Christmas party!

#2 – Mix And Match Homemade With Store-Bought

Figure out the things you make well and the things that are just easier (and taste better) to buy at the store. For example, for our last Christmas party –  I made my family’s famous pizza loaf and paired it with my favorite Heluva Good Buttermilk Ranch Dip (and pizza sauce) for dipping! I did the same thing with these buffalo chicken stuffed potato skins. Make one part of the meal yourself and leave the rest to the pros.

#3 – Make Your Favorites Even If They’re Not Holiday Recipes

Nobody said that every dish on a Christmas party table has to be a holiday recipe. One of our most popular New Year’s Eve parties was filled with people’s favorite foods and guess what – all of the food was gone by the end of the night. Don’t serve holiday items just because they fit the holiday, serve whatever you love and whatever you think the most people will enjoy.

Keep the table Christmas focused by adding in colors, patterns, and even jars full of candy that do fit the holiday theme. For example, I simply added fresh basil leaves and Christmas themed napkins under the pizza loaf + ranch dip combination, and voila, it fit the table even though pizza loaf is definitely not what you would call a traditional holiday appetizer. Do more mixing and matching – serve one favorite and one holiday special like these ever popular funfetti Christmas cookies!

#4 – Plan A Variety Of Games Based On Your Guests

If there’s anything I’ve learned from having this gift exchange game post be super popular this year, it’s that people like their Christmas party games! One of my favorite tricks for parties is to play 2-3 different party games, all different kinds. And plan those games based on the people attending. So for instance, if you know the group really well and think they’d be up for it, try these Christmas minute to win it games! If you want do a gift exchange but are worried about people’s feelings getting hurt, try this heads or tails gift exchange that leaves the decisions up to the flip of a coin.