offices for rent in dubai

Dubai provides a favorable environment and supportive legal framework for new businesses to thrive. Business owners looking for offices for rent in Dubai can choose from a broad portfolio of commercial Dubai real estate. Thereby we have composed this article with the latest data from the top five areas; considered top spots for offices for rent in Dubai so you can choose the best option. 

If you are planning to start a business in Dubai; finding the best office space to rent in Dubai is essential to your progress. The best area to rent an office in Dubai is an established business or multipurpose district with some of the largest companies in the area. Let’s take a closer look at what all these areas offer. 

Business Bay

According to consumer interest, Business Bay is at the top of the list of the most popular areas for offices for rent in Dubai. The neighborhood is centrally located near the city’s most popular business and residential districts, such as downtown Dubai and Jumeirah. With easy access to the Dubai Metro, the area is full of homes and is ideal for business owners and employees who want to work in Business Bay.

Popular buildings where you can rent offices in Business Bay include  Bay Square, Opal Tower, Iris Bay, and Burlington. Business Bay offers a variety of offices, ranging from 40,000 dirhams to 204,000 dirhams. If you’re looking for furnished rental office space in Dubai’s Business Bay; you can find up to AED 1.9 million with just AED 1,200 and even more luxurious options, depending on size.

Jumeirah Lake Towers

JLT ranks second in Dubai as the best place for offices for rent in Dubai. As one of Dubai’s free trade areas, JLT provides entrepreneurs with a business-friendly environment. Like Business Bay, JLT  has a mix of residential and commercial towers. So, if you live in JLT, you can have office space near your home. Moreover, people rely on real estate agents in Dubai to get the better opportunity of finding offices, apartments and townhouses for rent or sale.

There are two metro stations in the area, easily accessible by public transport. If you’re looking for a small office space to rent in Dubai, the  Jumeirah Lake Towers office space costs an average of 55,000 dirhams per year. Average rents for large office spaces range from 72,000 dirhams to 198,000 dirhams. JLT’s most popular office rental buildings include Jumeirah Business Center, Mazaya Business Avenue, Jumeirah Bay X2, and HDS Business Center.


Located on Dubai’s most popular highway, Shake Zayed Road Rental Offices is next to our list of best office rental areas. Shake Zayed Road allows business owners to choose from a range of rental office spaces in Dubai-individual workspaces and commercial workspaces of various sizes. Known as one of the best spots for offices for rent in Dubai; this highway is lined with subway stations every 5 minutes, making it easy to call a nearby taxi.

All of this, and the presence of banks and hotels scattered throughout, contributes to the appeal of Dubai’s office leasing. Dubai Shake Zayed Road office rents an average of AED 35,000 for small units; AED 120,000 for medium-sized units, and AED 284,000 for large offices. Burj Al Arab Tower, Park Place Tower, Latifah Tower, and Fairmont Dubai are among the buildings that have received the most attention for office space rentals on Sheikh Zayed Road. 


Known as Dubai’s oldest business district, Deira has cheap offices for rent in Dubai. It’s easy to find a rental office in Deira, Dubai. The average price is 19,000 dirhams. Rents for larger office spaces average between AED81,000 and AED182,000.

Deira is known as a good option for companies in the trading industry. It is home to some of Dubai’s most popular souks; a major commercial center well known to tourists and residents. It is popular with foreign residents because of its affordable housing.

Bur Dubai

At the end of the list of the best places for offices for rent in Dubai is the popular Bur Dubai. Moreover, the area has a rich trading history dating back to the days when pearl merchants made a living there. Bur Dubai offers a great combination of rental housing and commercial real estate in Bur Dubai available in a variety of specifications.

People tend to rent properties especially in areas such as Oud Metha, Khalid Bin Waleed Road, and Al Hamriya.  This area is easily accessible by  RTA bus, taxi and metro; therefore, is ideal if you are looking for a rental office in Dubai with banks in every corner. The average rental price of an office in Bur Dubai depends on its size. The average starting rent for office space in Bur Dubai is 24,000 dirhams. So, if you can get better information about Dubai properties by top real estate companies in Dubai.