Washi Tape

How do you define washi tape?

It is like easy duct tape, however oh a lot better! It comes from Japan and is definitely product of paper. The nice a part of this fashion designer is that it comes in specific sizes and styles.

Washi tape is normally crafted from herbal fibers, including bamboo or hemp, however more often from the bark of plants native to Japan – mulberry, mitsumata shrub or gampi tree. Fibers make them sturdy like tape

Washi tape is offered in rolls but is likewise sold as man or woman sheets of tape. It comes in extraordinary lengths, so be sure to recognize the amount of tape you are going in each purchase

Blessings of Washi Tape

·         It comes in each color and pattern you could think of.

·         It’s miles to be had in distinct sizes

·         It is self-adhesive

·         Clean to apply

·         It sticks to any floor

·         It is able to be eliminated and reinstalled

·         You may tear it via hand

·         A lot can be written on it

It would not leave a sticky residue whilst you dispose of it

Acid unfastened so will no longer damage paper or photographs

Simple Washi Tape thoughts

There are hundreds of methods to use custom washi tape. Here are some ideas to get you started and get your creative juices flowing.


One in all my all-time favored places is to use washi tape in a scrapbook. There are so many things you can do with simply one piece of this wonderful tape

Use it to create letters and words

Write down the call

·         Body pics

·         Use it to divide elements of a web page

·         Greeting cards

With a card holder and a touch washi tape you may create a unique greeting card.

Use washi tape to create strains to your card

·         Layer washi tape to make the cake at the pedestal

·         Enhance the card envelope with washi tape

·         Use washi tape to make a bunch of candles

·         Enhance a pocket book or Planner

Washi Tape Twist Ties

Right here are the best and today’s thoughts for making twist ties for want baggage for birthdays or weddings. Sandwich a bit of cord between two pieces of washi tape and pin the pieces together.

Use them on clean cellophane luggage or other luggage with a subject matter you want. You can also use the equal idea for Christmas wrapping.

·         Stick pics on the Wall

·         Enhance furnishings

There are numerous methods to enhance antique furniture to present it a brand-new appearance.

·         Strive including washi tape to the interior of the drawer

·         Take a clean desk and cowl the top with washi tape

Create A custom Vase

Take a less expensive simple vase and turn it into a custom vase with a little washi tape. You can find vases at your nearby dollar store or grocery save

Wrap Tealights

Just wrap a few washi tapes under the tea light for an immediate take a look at your next celebration or event. Topic and color or pattern. They also can receive as a desire.

DIY Pencil Cup

Take a clear pencil case or even a tin can and decorate it with custom washi tape. This would be a perfect idea for a child’s room or craft room as well. This cup can hold pencils, markers, tools, scissors or anything you can imagine. You can also wrap a small flower pot for the same use.

Clothespin Magnets

Cover the clothes with washi tape in the width of a pin. Glue the magnet to the back with a glue gun and you have a message for your fridge.

Light Switch Covers

Once you’ve started with this project, you’ll want to keep going with the light bulbs in your home. Create and customize your own custom lighting in minutes.

Gift Boxes and Bags

With a little inspiration and some washi tape, you can customize any gift box or bag. Washi tape comes in all kinds of themes and colors, so you can have fun making a gift bag or box.


While we’re on the subject of office supplies, why not turn the clipboard on your desk into something special. Maybe use a different type of washi tape, mix it with a pattern and a solid, or just go crazy with a mix-up design.


Add some color to the edge of your notebook with washi tape. If you want to use one piece of tape for everything, measure the edges so you know how much you’ll need.

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Take some plain stationary and add a pop of color or pattern with a piece or two of washi tape at the bottom of the page. Be sure to heat (lubricate) the inside to make sure it stays put. Fix the envelope with the same tape as used on paper sheets. This makes a great gift.