colors of glitter nail polish

Beige/light skin color

The slightly transparent beige, light skin color, or crystal jelly color belongs to the all-around nail color that does not pick the skin color. Suitable for all skin color fingertips, especially these arm skin darker MM, it is very worth trying.

Grayish black/bright red

If you want to be personalized and bold, then pick gray-black or bright red Galglitter glitter nail polish, according to a dark and light contrast, as well as the hands can look white oh.


The light pink, a material with more texture color, is good to show the skin white, but also very good control, no matter what kind of skin color you are very suitable, if you are a girl who does not show lowkey, this is your best choice.

Nail jumping color matching

There is no reminder that pink forehead + light pink color jumping can be so beautiful; the color is fresh and highlights the beauty of the girl’s style, and also lining success is very white.

The multi-color color jumping design scheme is also a very good nail oh; not only has the beauty of color and attention, but the actual effect of the introduction is also unexpectedly beautiful.

The gray-black and dark gray color jumping is also the best partner to create a light tone of beauty. It does not look flashy, actually very fashionable and trendy. Even if it is a pure color design scheme is also very OK.

The nail design of the elegant aura of the strong and light blue and purple color jumping scheme? Not only is there a color difference, and it doesn’t look too dull, but the actual effect of this type of shade introduction is also very good.

The dark green nail has to jump a little light green, and light blue are able to, the tone is fresh and beautiful and show hands white, but also for the winter wipe on a touch of fresh feeling.

What kind of Galglitter glitter nail polish should be applied to the hands of the darker skin color that shows the most white

The black hand-painted black acrylic dip glitter powder most white beautiful black classic gray black, basically all-purpose color, regardless of which skin color, black acrylic dip glitter powder is going to make both hands look tender white and of course, increase the divine beauty, moving aura. The best match for black skin is gold and white silver, which are very dazzling and radiant. A variety of high purity macaron colors, such as apricot yellow, was also very suitable for black skin. It is not that kind of with big glitter, just fine glitter type. The glitter acrylic dip glitter powder will make the sun dance on the nails. Creamy white and acrylic dip glitter powder with glitter will make your hands look the whitest.

Avoid dark colors

  1. Such as dark purple, dark green, etc., will not only make your fingernails look unhealthy but will also continue to make your hands look old and dark.
  1. In fact, too light of a full transparent pink will also make your hands look dark. The most tried and true nail style is the very simple French nail, which is always easy to type! In short, summer gold and silver and black are the best. If you are afraid of too much pomp and circumstance, then full transparency and glitter bar safe color. Light purple, very light purple.
  2. wheat skin has to be coated with glittering light series of glitter nail polish is the best looking is the tone more saturated state brighter. The caramel color and the lighter wheat color are suggested. A flashy and colorful one, of course. It’s not necessary to paint too flashy shades are able to, milky white never, physical and mental health color is the best, looks very white in the pink system can be, the lighter, the better.