Mule sneakers

Ladies’ heels and other shoes are one of most fashionable footwear. Ladies’ heels are usually very high and uncomfortable. They are very attractive and stylish which makes them perfect for formal wear. They can cause many different types of foot infections if not worn carefully. Whereas this is not the case with ladies’ shoes. They are very comfortable and fashionable. They can be worn with trousers and jeans. They are ideal for casual events such as walking, running, camping, hiking etc. There are different types of Ladies heels and shoes. They come in different designs, colors, sizes, and prices from low to high. In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the most attractive and stylish types of lady’s heels and shoes that you can buy for yourself or your relatives to make them feel special.

Ladies’ sneakers:

Ladies’ sneakers are perfect for sports and casual wear. They are usually made from leader and foamy fabric. They are extremely comfortable. They have a close structure which makes your feet comfortable and safe. They are very common and easy to purchase. Usually, they come in a variety of colors but black and white sneakers look very attractive and stylish. There are a lot of brands that are making ladies sneakers and introducing new designs

Mule sneakers:

Mule sneakers have a very unique but stylish design. They are just like other sneakers but with an open back, which makes your heel pretty comfortable. They are very comfortable and easy to wear. They were first made in ancient Rome. Mules come in a sandal variant. Due to their attractive and stylish design, they are a must-have for every woman

Platform sandals:

Platform sandals have a very long history and were first made 1000s of years ago. Platform sandals usually have a very thick toe usually in the range of 3-10 cm 1-4 inches. They are very supportive and comfortable. They add a few more inches to your height. Despite their height, they are very comfortable and they support your weight equally on the whole foot. Platform sandals carry a very stylish and attractive design. They are very suitable for formal events such as parties, offices etc. Every lady should have at least one pair of platform sneakers in the closet.

Athleisure sneakers:

Athleisure sneakers are a very common type of women’s sneakers that can be worn with shorts, trousers, jeans. They are very suitable for running, walking, and other casual events. They are usually made from a foamy material which makes them extremely comfortable. You can easily purchase athleisure sneakers from any shoe store nearby or simply order them from Amazon or any other online shop.

Strappy Sandals:

Women’s strappy sandals are everyone’s favorite since they possess a very attractive design that makes every outfit look better and nicer. Strappy sandals just like their name have a lot of straps on them for safety and comfort reasons. They are worn with skirts and jeans. Strappy sandals can be worn on different casual events. Since they are very stylish, every woman should own at least 1 pair of strappy sandals for casual occasions.


Stilettos are the highest type of heels. They are very attractive but uncomfortable. They have an average height of 5-10 inches. They usually come with a lace on the top. Their designs are similar to pumps. Their height is why they are very uncomfortable and not easy to deal with. They are also known as the mother of all the heels since they are very tall. They are very suitable for formal events such as parties, office weddings etc. They are perfect for the women who are short and they want to look taller. Stilettos require a lot of practice due to their height which might not be easy to handle. You can easily order them from Amazon.


Versatile and stylish, these statement shoes are a timeless design. This versatile shoe may be worn for a variety of events and in a variety of locations. Pumps, with their somewhat high heels, may be worn with everything from jeans to formal gowns, everyday dresses, trousers, and skirts, as long as they are paired with the appropriate clothing. As a sophisticated and comfortable footwear option, pumps are a great choice for any event. Pumps are often confused with stilettos but they are not tall as traditional stilettos. Pumps may lend sophistication and confidence to a basic ensemble, whether it’s for a party or the office. They come in virtually every color or pattern you can imagine. A good pair of black oxfords is a good place to start for every lady.

White sneakers:

A classic white pair of sneakers is a must-have for everyone. These classic shoes look great with any outfit and are ideal for casual wear. Our favorite white sneakers are chunky and simple, similar to the Nike Air Force 1s. They are usually made from leather material that gives them a very classic look. For a dressed-down look, pair these with high-waisted trousers or sundresses. Women look very attractive while wearing white sneakers as they have a stylish look that matches perfectly with blue-colored jeans. We also like to wear the Adidas Stan Smiths with jeans and a loose-fitting top. If you want to expand your shoe collection, start with a white sneaker and work your way up.


As a person who places a high value on comfort, wedges are an excellent choice. Soles that are thick and stable mean that comfort doesn’t have to take a back seat to style. Its thick platform on the heel and a thinner platform beneath the toes make it a wedge type of shoe. Both materials are bonded together on the sole, resulting in a shoe that is incredibly comfortable and supportive. It is very easy to walk in wedge heels due to their supportive shape. They provide comfort and they also increase a few inches to your height.  Wedges can be worn on any formal event. In a variety of styles, wedges are perfect for both hot and cold weather.


Loafers are another very common type of shoe. There are no laces on loafers, which are worn by simply sliding them on. Also known as slip-ons, they are sometimes called slip-on shoes. Styles for women, men, and children are available. They can be worn either casually or for a formal occasion. Modern loafer styles do have a wide variation, with some styles being very formal. These shoes have laces across the top, but no heel or sole. They are very much inspired by the moccasins worn by the native Americans.

Kitten heels:

In general, kitten heels measure between 1.5 and 2 inches in height. As a result, it has a more feminine profile, thanks to the heel’s indentation location at the shoe’s sole, and its slight curvature. They were first made for a French king. They add a few inches to your height and give a very attractive look.

Women Boots:

Every lady needs a pair of boots that are not only durable, but also timeless. Dresses, jeans and more may be worn with the appropriate pair of boots. Ankle-length black boots with front laces are ideal for everyday wear. Depending on the clothes you wear them with, this boot may give you a grunge or feminine look. We love the Doc Marten 1460’s, the Steve Madden Trent Black’s or Doc Martens 1460’s as some of our favorites. Invest in a pair of heeled ankle boots with zippers on the side for an elegant look. You may wear them to work, on a night out, or on errands.

Statement shoes:

Every lady needs a statement shoe. An eye-catching shoe is the focal point of your entire ensemble. An eye-catching, bold pair of statement shoes shouts confidence.

All types of shoes, from sneakers to heels to sandals, can be considered statement shoes. While some have intriguing patterns and textures, others are solidly colored and have a distinctive structure or shape that stands out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to make a big statement with your shoes, no matter what your personal style is.


These were some of the most attractive shoes that a lady should own. A gorgeous and functional shoe collection is a must-have for any lady, no matter what style she prefers. For women, the ideal shoes are ones that inspire confidence, promote comfort, and operate in a variety of environments. What are you waiting for? Watch how a fantastic pair of shoes can transform your look.