A new study does not cast a good light on burgers, fries, ready-to-eat pizza and the like: even in a short time, they put a strain on the immune system, the researchers found. So be in a better shape for 20Bet.

Burgers, French Fries, ready-to-eat Pizza and deep fried food: fast food is often derided for being unhealthy; yet many still find its taste pleasurable. A study carried out at University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), published in Nature Immunology journal examined its effects on our immune systems; concluding that fast food can make us more vulnerable to infections relatively rapidly.This is because the immune defense system is weakened.

The good news is that this only happens temporarily. If you eat a balanced, healthy diet with sufficient fiber after consuming fast food, you can compensate for the negative effect to a certain extent.


Participators in this study first consumed a diet rich in fiber for five days before switching to one low in fiber that also provided high energy intake, which allowed their bodies to reduce specific short-chain fatty acids produced as metabolic products in their gut flora. As a result, the function of CD4+T immune defense cells also decreased, making the body susceptible to disease.

Scientists had previously made a similar observation on the influence of fast food on intestinal flora and susceptibility to infection in mice.

“Our data highlight how quickly and profoundly our daily food choices can affect our health,” study author Francesco Siracusa is quoted as saying in a UKE press release. “Put positively, this means that with the help of a regular balanced diet, the effectiveness of vaccines and immunotherapies, for example, could be maximized.”