As humans, many of us appreciate a relaxing bath after an exhausting day is an indulgence we hold dear. And upgrading your bathroom with a whirlpool bath can take the experience to new heights; just think: soothing jets of water combined with its peaceful ambience create an oasis for yourself in your bathroom! However, selecting an appropriate whirlpool requires taking into consideration various factors; in this guide we cover these key considerations to help guide you toward making an informed decision.

  1. The size and the space

Before falling in love with a specific whirlpool bath model, measure your bathroom space. Whirlpool baths come in various sizes, from compact two-person options to larger ones that can accommodate four or more. You have to ensure that the dimensions of the chosen bath fit comfortably within your bathroom without overwhelming the available space.

  1. Type of installation

Whirlpool baths can be installed in different ways – freestanding, alcove, under-mount, or corner installation. The type of installation you choose will depend on your bathroom layout and design preferences. Freestanding tubs can serve as a striking centrepiece, while alcove installations are great for space optimisation.

  1. Material quality

The whirlpool bath’s material affects its durability and plays a role in the overall aesthetics. Acrylic and fibreglass are popular due to their durability, ease of maintenance, and the variety of shapes they can mould into. High-quality materials ensure that your investment stands the test of time.

  1. Jet configuration

The jets are the heart of a whirlpool bath, providing an invigorating massage experience. Different whirlpool baths come with varying jet configurations, including jets, rotating, and pulsating jets. Think carefully about the number and placement of the jets so that they will target the different bodily areas that require the most relief and relaxation.

  1. Pump power and noise Level

The pump is responsible for circulating the water through the jets, creating a soothing water movement. The power of the pump affects the intensity of the massage experience. However, a more powerful pump can also generate more noise. That said, you should balance your preference for a strong massage with your tolerance for potential noise.

  1. Water and energy Efficiency

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, choosing a whirlpool bath that is water and energy-efficient is crucial. You should look for models with features such as variable-speed pumps and advanced insulation to minimise water and energy consumption. Not only will this be beneficial for the environment, but it can also lead to cost savings over time.

  1. Additional features

Modern whirlpool baths come with a range of additional features that can enhance your overall bathing experience. These can include built-in LED lighting for ambience, digital controls for adjusting jet intensity, aromatherapy options, and even Bluetooth speakers for music enthusiasts. While these features can add to the overall enjoyment, make sure they align with your preferences and budget.

  1. Budget considerations

Budget is key when shopping for a whirlpool bath; as these products range in cost from hundreds to several thousands. While higher priced baths often reflect better quality and features, mid-range options often represent great value. Finding an equilibrium between desired features and your budget should be no problem at all!