You are a good driver, a law-abiding citizen, and you pride yourself on practicing courtesy, common sense, and safety when behind the wheel. Even so, it’s a sad truth that bad things happen to good people. Unfortunately, not everyone adheres to your driving standards, and now you find yourself the victim of someone else’s carelessness. Your car has been rear-ended, and you now have one of those infamous whiplash injuries. There are pages and pages written about the legal fallout of these accidents which you will also have to cope with, but we are here to help you focus on the most important issue: your health and well-being.

The first thing you should do is to seek the help of top rated chiro Sydney CBD. It’s critical that you address your injury as soon as possible by having it treated by caring chiropractors dedicated to alleviating your pain and helping you to not just make a full recovery, but improve your health overall!

It’s a shame this has happened to you, road accidents are much too common and most could be avoided if everyone practised safe driving techniques. In any case, the imperative now is to help you with that injury. Let’s take a look at what will take place during your visit to the chiropractic clinic.

Your initial visit will require you to complete some paperwork. You will be asked to document the details of the accident, the onset of your symptoms, and anything you might have done initially to self-treat your injury, such as painkillers and massage therapy. You will also be asked to describe in detail the pain and any other sensations you suffer as a result of the accident. Then you will outline you and your immediate family’s medical history to better understand any other factors, such as inherited conditions, that might affect the current situation. The doctor of chiropractic and his staff will then review your answers, and possibly ask you more questions to understand your unique needs thoroughly and to help them make a fully informed diagnosis.

After the initial process, it will be time to proceed to a physical examination. This is likely to include visual observation of your movement abilities such as posture and gait, x-rays, neurological testing like brain coordination and cranial nerve assessments, and palpation of the neck, mid back, lower back, and your pelvis and hips. These procedures will help in diagnosing your specific problem and inform the chiropractor as to the best course of treatment. The treatments include manual therapies like spinal manipulation, soft tissue work, and mobilisation, with the goal of removing your pain and making you feel good again. As with all things it will take time, but after several visits, you can expect to see positive results.

All chiropractors are required to be fully licensed, check here for further details. We sincerely hope you will visit your chiropractor for the help you need to feel better!