Where to Spend a Fall Weekend in Alberta

Alberta is in its element the moment autumn arrives.  As the leaves shift color and the air thins out, there’s just a few weeks, a couple of months, until the snow falls and the area makes the most out of it.

This is how to spend a fall weekend in Alberta and why it’s a must-stop for any vacationer.


Calgary is a city that needs no introduction.  When the summer ends and the Calgary Stampede is over, there’s enough to do here that anyone can be thrilled.  Whether you want to enjoy an informative ghost tour of the city that guides you through its history, or you want to go hiking in the endless trails around the area, there’s no end to the number of things that Calgary offers.

In addition, this is a cheap city to vacation in, so if you budget right, you may be able to stretch your time beyond just a weekend!

Banff National Park

Banff is an internationally famous park, which was Canada’s very first.  In the fall, before the slopes are full of snow again for skiing, you can enjoy breathtaking scenery, countless activities, and the thrill of knowing the best season is yet to come.

The fall in Banff turns the mountains yellow and gold, giving them the appearance of being on first despite the lack of heat. So don’t be surprised if you fall in love with the national park and start looking at Banff homes for sale; it pulls in the best of us! 

Red Deer

This smaller city, home to only 103,000 people, is a fantastic place to go in the fall because of its very popular sports scene.  Everything from the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum to the many games and competitions that happen here will keep you excited and intrigued.

In the fall, when the seasons change and the air thins, you can catch a view of the Northern Lights here, which so many people miss out on, but it’s something that should be experienced at least once.  


As the capital of Alberta, Edmonton has some great universities that offer a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labors.  In the fall, multiple schools hold celebrations, parades, fairs, and other fun that can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to pay for admission.  The local theaters put on shows, there are parties and museums to attend, and it can feel like you’re losing yourself in the season.

Edmonton is also home to the best poutine shops in the country, which means you can take a bite of warm, delicious food while you explore this city in its best season.

Jasper National Park

Jasper is gorgeous year-round, but fall takes the cake.  When the mountains are all fully crested with snow, the lower hills and the feet of the mountains turn lovely shades of red and gold that you can’t find anywhere else.

Before the freeze sets in, you get the chance to enjoy the crisp air, delicious local treats, and all of the fun hiking, camping, and exploring you can fit in.  This is an awesome park to visit the moment that fall is over.