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Every business nowadays is looking for ways to take their trade online. With new tools being released every other day, picking the right ones for your specific purpose is becoming quite challenging. Since the front-end development ecosystem is evolving rapidly, businesses find it extremely tough to choose a fast, safe, and scalable framework.

Although Angular was the most preferred choice of framework for businesses, ReactJS has seen a record-breaking surge in usage. In 2021, ReactJS became the most used framework among global developers, with over 40% choosing ReactJS while 34% picked jQuery over others.

Before we dig deep into the reasons for this increased patronage, let’s get a quick rundown on ReactJS.

What is ReactJS? 

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript front-end library built by Facebook. It is designed specifically for developing user interfaces for single-page applications. As a tool to build user interfaces, it is primarily used to make the view layer of both apps and websites. ReactJS is a simple, fast, scalable framework suitable for more accessible web designing and development.

ReactJS, a favored tool among every ReactJS Development Company and developers, allows for greater control over UI development. ReactJS offers excellent rendering by enabling developers to focus on separate components of the application rather than working on the whole app. The user has the freedom to separate complex UI components into simpler reusable components. Moreover, developers can also make changes to the app data without constantly reloading the pages.  

Which Projects can Benefit from ReactJS?

ReactJS is essentially used to build large app projects or enterprise web applications. Especially where component-based architecture allows for the reuse of components.

  • Since ReactJS reuses components, it is most suited for developing complex user interfaces.
  • Suited for building dynamic web page updating so that when one component of the app changes, it immediately changes the other related components.
  • ReactJS offers excellent support for building progressive web apps and converting the present ReactJS web application into PWAs.

Benefits of ReactJS

ReactJS comes with many features and benefits, and we are listing out some of the benefits here.

1. Builds High-Quality User Interfaces

The quality and usability of the UI make a lot of difference to the overall feel of the application. If the UI is not designed correctly, the app might not succeed among users. On the flip side, if the app has a great UI, it has better chances of being adopted by the audience. ReactJS builds rich and interactive user interfaces that enhance the experience of users.

2. Less Development Time

One of the significant benefits of ReactJS is the ability to break down the project into a separate component. This component reusability helps in developing the project in less time with better quality – improving developer productivity.

It is easy to break down complex logic into bite-sized connected components with the code reusability factor coming into play. When one element is modified, it automatically affects other parts, and it also helps in code maintenance, easier manipulation, and an increase in productivity.

3. Allows to Write Custom Components

With ReactJS, developers can also write custom components using the JSX syntax extension. Since the components allow HTML coding, The JSX extension converts HTML code mockups into ReactElements trees quite easily.

4. Fast Rendering

Fast rendering is essential when building highly complex applications, and it is necessary to define the application’s structure before starting the process. The DOM model is more like a tree so that a simple change at the top can dramatically impact the rest of the app. 

That’s where Virtual DOM comes into play – the virtual representation helps in testing the changes to assess the risks before proceeding with the changes. 

In vDOM, only those components that are modified will be updated instead of the entire set. This way, ReactJS makes the whole development process cost-effective and quick.

5. Strong Support from Community

The ReactJS community is massive and super-supportive of the development community. Should you face any troubles during the development process, you can rely on the support system to give you timely help and guidance to sail you through.

6. SEO friendly

Being SEO friendly is another benefit of ReactJS in healthcare development, one of the reasons why it is highly sought after by businesses. Online businesses are largely dependent on SEO to get them the visibility they want from the market. 

React projects are built with SEO optimization because of the backend rendering functionality. Even for search engine crawlers that don’t work on JavaScript code, the ReactJS can also render on these servers.

7. Create-React-app

With the Create-React app, you gain the ability to build the code and leave the configuration set-up to the framework. With this built-in code in React, the dependencies and the project structure are generated quickly. 

It allows designers to gain a head start on any project irrespective of the complexity.

8. Simple and Easy to Maintain

The modular structure of the ReactJS framework makes it simpler to maintain and update. ReactJS makes it easier for developers to build a project, and the inherent flexibility of the framework allows projects to be scaled up easily.

9. Easy to Learn

ReactJS comes with a very short learning curve. Compared with other front-end frameworks such as Angular and jQuery, ReactJS is much easier to master. It is, probably, one of the main reasons for its popularity among developers.

10. The transition from ReactJS to React Native

With ReactJS, developers can easily make the switch to React Native to develop applications. Further, it is also possible to use the same reusable components from React applications on React Native. It helps in speeding up the development time and reducing the cost of application development.

Wrapping Up

ReactJS is undoubtedly one of the most preferred front-end frameworks to design and develop a highly interactive and user-friendly user interface for apps. Suppose you want to use ReactJS in your web app development. In that case, you should blockchain development services India with the experience and subject knowledge to make the development job more effortless and effective.

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