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When we talk about web applications, the first thing that attracts visitors is the design. 

When developing a web app, front-end development is what helps in creating the design that decides the look and feel of the application. Things like fonts, buttons, graphics, etc are all part of the front-end development and along with an interactive design, easy navigation, front-end helps in creating a good first impression among the users. 

So, how to get that first impression right? 

Well, web app development is not easy but there are frameworks that make things easy for every professional app developer. While there are many technologies available, we will today talk about one of the best technologies- AngularJS for web development. 

What is AngularJS? 

To describe briefly, AngularJS is an open-source Javascript framework developed by Google. The main objective of this framework is to help create single-page interactive applications. 

It emphasizes code quality and testability which is why it is preferred by developers worldwide. The functionalities offered by AngularJS are just about everything that is needed by a developer to create a highly attractive, feature-rich web application. 

With all that being said, the question now arises is what are the benefits of using AngularJS and why should one prefer this over other frameworks? 

In this article, we will answer what are the benefits of AngularJS development for the front-end. 

Benefits of AngularJS over other frameworks for web applications

Easy to learn

Anyone with knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS can learn AngularJS. Since, this is one of the most popular choices among developers and companies, learning this opens up many other opportunities for developers. 

Once you have learned AngularJS, developing a web application becomes efficient, well-organized, and fast. 

Two-way binding 

This is a very significant advantage of using AngularJS. Two-way binding enables automatic synchronization of the data between the view and the model components which means the model becomes the source of truth. 

It stores the information in such a way that no data gets repeated. If any data is altered or changed in the model, it reflects in the entire system because of the two-way binding structure and vice-versa. 

Two-way data binding helps in an integrated and holistic approach to web app development. It simplifies the programming model and presentation layer, offers a testability controller, and a less intrusive approach to DOM display. 

Simple Architecture

Compared to other frameworks available, AngularJS has a simple architecture that enables developers to efficiently work on heavy web applications that consist of complex components. Other frameworks are not usually able to handle bulky components. 

AngularJS, however, makes it easy to work with heavy components because of its improved architecture. This helps developers to code easily, even if someone is new to web app development. 

Supports SPA features

The reason behind creating a single-page application(SPA) is fast transition. In a single-page application, the website communicates with the browser by dynamically replacing the existing page with server data instead of following the browser’s default method. 

AngularJS supports the development of single-page applications that quickly loads the pages, works on every platform, offer excellent user experience, and come with easy maintenance. 

Declarative UI 

HTML is a declarative language that is popularly used by developers all over the world for its scalability and intuitiveness. AngularJS uses HTML to create templates. These templates include specific AngularJS elements and attributes like filters, form controls, directives like ng-repeat, ng-app, ng-model, etc. 

The use of HTML enables creating a declarative UI which in turn helps in making things easy to understand. Using HTML also helps the designers and developers to work together. Designers can focus on UI while developers can work using the declarative binding syntax for connecting various UI components with the data models. 

Lesser coding 

AngularJS reduces the need for coding for developers. With two-way data binding, decisive UI, filters, and POJO information models, developers have to write fewer codes while achieving efficiency and reducing the general intricacy. The data models are also simple to write and can be easily manipulated without modifying controllers. 

Dependency Injection

AngularJS has a built-in dependency injection subsystem which is another important benefit that it offers. It simplifies the unit testing process and allows the programmers to ask for dependencies instead of searching for them. Dependency injection detects the need of the programmer and instantly offers the service. 

Real-time testing

AngularJS offers easy and real-time testing. It allows end-to-end and unit testing. It offers testing features like dependency injection, overseeing the components, and how they are generated. It also shows how to resolve dependencies. This makes testing the application and checking errors easier. 

Supported by Google

Google itself uses AngularJS for its applications. It is supported by Google’s engineers who update AngularJS from time to time and come up with new features. Since Google maintains AngularJS, it has gained the trust of developers. It also has large community support which enables developers to get help from different forums and people who have worked with AngularJS. 

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AngularJS is a loved framework because it is very productive and reduces dependency on third-party software support for development. 

AngularJS is a very efficient framework if you are looking for a high-quality, dynamic, and interactive web application. You can undoubtedly take AngularJS development services or hire a dedicated AngularJS developer for your web app development as this will not only save your time but also give you a feature-rich experience. 

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