Almost everyone on the planet enjoys a non-alcoholic drink or two at any given moment. After all, there is something about these drinks that make any person have more than one gulp. Then, there’s a taste that will take an entire article to talk about overall. Plus, there is also the fact that you can have these drinks with your buddies and your loved ones. 

Nothing beats having a cold drink after work, during a sports event, or something else. So there is nothing wrong with having all the alcoholic drinks you can gulp, right? That is where we draw the line. You can indeed enjoy a cold one or two, but there is the after effect that these drinks have. You might get drunk later, and you might not have complete control over the actions you take. So at the end of your drinking session, you might need someone to take you home besides your Uber driver. 

But is there an alternative to alcoholic drinks for the casual bar hopper? How about those individuals who simply want to take a can or bottle swig? How about them? The good thing is that there exist non-alcoholic drinks. Do you want to try out something alcohol-free but wish to retain the experience and taste of an alcoholic one? Try to buy Monday Whiskey or something similar. Now, how about we check out why non-alcoholic drinks are getting more and more popular.

The Taste

There is a reason why many drinkers do not prefer to have non-alcoholic drinks. It is due to the bad taste they leave in the mouth. However, the technology behind non-alcoholic beverages is ever developing. That means more and more non-alcoholic drinks are now tastier than ever. 

Some brands can even go head-to-head with their alcoholic counterparts. 

Yet, there are still non-alcoholic options that do not taste that good, and these products still require some more research and development.

Reduced Drinking

Another thing with non-alcoholic drinks is that they assist you in your quest to become sober all the time. They will help you drink less alcohol. Non-alcoholic drinks have a compound that works like magic. This special compound affects the body the same way most alcoholic drinks do. What happens is that the drink resonates with the body. That means your body will feel the same way you do once you drink a can of beer – minus the alcohol.

Non-alcoholic drinks are also your best bet should you go bar-hopping with friends and wish to avoid the alcohol. You do not have to settle for boring water or chilling soda drinks. After all, someone must drive the sedan filled with drunk guys later in the night.

Healthy Benefits

What’s more, is that non-alcoholic drinks have tons and tons of benefits for your body. A study mentions how non-alcoholic alternatives can reduce the risk of getting specific heart conditions. In addition, these drinks also prevent you from getting a common cold and even inflammation. How about that?

These drinks have chunks full of vitamins and minerals, including zinc, potassium, and folic acid.

Non-alcoholic drinks also carry fewer empty calories. These calories are present in alcoholic beverages, and what’s more, these empty calories do nothing nutritional for your body. So it is better to switch over to non-alcoholic drinks if you wish to go the healthier route while enjoying a drink or two.

Anywhere And Anytime

Another reason why non-alcoholic drinks are better is that you can have them any time you wish. It does not also matter where you are as you take a drink or two. You can enjoy non-alcoholic choices without judgment or authorities questioning why you are drinking somewhere. 

Perfect For Sports

A lot of individuals suffer from alcohol drinking due to sports and fitness activities. They feel like nothing can end the day like a decent cold one with the buddies. That is where non-alcoholic drinks can come in handy. You can opt for these alcohol-free alternatives after a workout!

No Fat Worrying

Alcoholic drinks can lead to uncontrollable weight gain. That is not the same for their counterparts. Most non-alcoholic ones have high amounts of sugar. But the thing is that they have fewer calories. So that means you do not have to worry about getting fat even after having more than two cans or wine cups of a non-alcoholic drink. 

Know The Contents

Some alcohol companies tend to hide the contents of their products. Some even abuse this aspect by not indicating a nutritional information panel to their drinks. However, non-alcoholic drinks always have these information panels. That way, you can see what is inside that specific drink you choose to take. 


You can still enjoy non-alcoholic drinks even when you are pregnant. We bet that you cannot do the same with alcoholic choices. Drinking these alternatives will not affect you or your baby at all. 

No Getting Drunk

This advantage might be the biggest there is in terms of non-alcoholic drinks. Science has proven that you can enjoy all the non-alcoholic options you can get your hands on. The plus is that you can never get drunk with them, no matter how many you put down. Your body will consume any small amount of alcohol that some drinks might have. So, go ahead and have a go!

Fit In

You do not have to shun yourself from the buddies as they drink their beers and fancy wine bottles. Drinking non-alcoholic drinks is one decent way for you to blend in with the crowd. Some people might even prefer to have your company over others.

All Natural

Most non-alcoholic drinks contain the same natural ingredients that manufacturers use: malt, yeast, hops, and water. You can count on these products to be healthy, unlike their counterparts that contain you-know-what.

Good Luck And Happy Drinking!

Now there is no reason for you not to enjoy a decent non-alcoholic drink or two. You do not even have to take these drinks in moderation. You can be on the safe side of things as you and your buddies have fun as the night continues to pass. After all, someone has to stay sober to drive the drunk and tired boys home.