Adopting a Child

Most individuals think the only case for adoption is that a family can’t produce a biological child on their own…but that simply isn’t the only case. Just the same as the many reason why a person or pair decides to adopt, there are also many reason why you should consider adoption.

Are you considering adopting a child, but not sure if it’s the right choice for you? Are you having thoughts like:

What are the benefits of adopting a child?
I’ve heard negatives of adoption, are there any positives?
Am I truly ready for this change?

If you’ve had any of these feelings, you’re not alone. There’s so much white noise out there that drowns out the many joys of bringing an adopted child into the family. So let’s set things straight, and dive into the real benefits of adopting a child.

Benefits of Adoption for Adoptive Parent(s)

The idea of adoption can be scary. In a sense, you’re opening up your home to a complete stranger. One that will require a lot from you.

On the other hand, you’re opening up your home to unconditional love and growth. You’re also welcoming:

  1. The Joys and Love of a Child:Think about yourself as a child. You were a little scared and unsure, but all you wanted was the love and validation from those around you. Your adoptive child will be the same.

    They will bring your family the joys and laughter that accompany childhood, and all they ask for in return is love, acceptance, and security. Aspects of life we all strive for are things you can easily produce and gain from your future child. 
  2. New Relationships and OpportunitiesAlthough the adoption process seems long and grueling, it’s also a time where beautiful relationships begin and flourish. One major bond that’s often overlooked is that between the birth mother and adoptive parents.

    I don’t plan on having any relationship with the birth mother.

    If that thought crossed your mind, it’s completely understandable. Even if you don’t intend on having an open adoption or speaking much with the birth mother, the two of you will have a bond that will last forever.

    Not only are you providing a loving home for someone she housed for 9 months, you’re also granting her a second chance. By opening your home to a child, you’re potentially opening countless doors for their birth mother. 
  3. A Fulfilled Destiny of Raising a ChildHave you always pictured yourself with a child or large family, but struggled to produce that picture on your own? This doesn’t mean being a parent isn’t in the cards for you, it simply means your road to parenthood might be off the beaten path.

    If you hold the desire of love and nurture in your heart, don’t overlook the chance to fulfill that yearning through adoption.

Benefits of Adoption for Adopted Child

I ask you to imagine yourself as a child again. What were your greatest fears back then? If you were anything like me it was snakes and the boogie man.

For children seeking adoption, their fears are much deeper. A lack of security, stability, warmth, and love are just a few.

No one, especially an adolescent, should have such worries. By accepting the rewarding role of adoptive parent, you’re putting undeserved worries to rest.

Here’s how else adoption directly benefits your future child:

  1. Stability for SuccessKids may kick and scream when you yell, “BEDTIME!” But surprisingly, kids crave schedules and routine.Studies show that routine shapes adolescents into more emotionally and physically stable individuals than those raised in ever-changing or ultra hands-off homes. Why? Routine makes it so there’s one less thing to think about. A secure place to stay and a guaranteed meal every day allows for a kid to be a kid.So, whether you adopt a newborn or a teen, you’re taking them away from an insecure situation and placing them in to a stable home so they can succeed with less resistance.
  2. Resources in ReachIt’s no secret that the foster system is short of suitable funds needed to properly support the over 400,000 (on any given day) youth in the system.

    Adoption isn’t reserved for the rich and famous. The resources and financial support you have are more than enough to give a child the life they’ve always dreamt of or otherwise wouldn’t have. 
  3. Love and SupportThis benefit almost goes without saying. There is nothing better than feeling loved and supported by a family who cares for and appreciates you. At the absolute least, opening your home to a child in need gives them the most essential aspect of life; love.