The city of Dubai is vast and dynamic enough to be explored in public transport or a taxi. It takes more than that! What about a sportier, luxe car that will help you cruise through the city in some style? It will certainly help your cause. The best option you can choose from the lot is hiring Mercedez E 350 2022, a vehicle of its kind. It is a seamlessly high-end, high-tech car with every advanced feature at your fingertips. This post will walk you through the advantages of hiring this car in Dubai. Keep reading this article to the end to know more!

Mercedes E 350 key features:

The Mercedes E 350 2022 model is an ultra-luxury vehicle with a splendid behind-the-wheel experience. The advanced technology-driven features of this car will give you a sense of class and comfort when you are riding it. We have collected some of its outstanding features that will leave you WOW! Let us dive into these features and explore them one by one!

1. Exterior dimensions:

The exterior dimensions of this car are breathtaking, and you will end up loving this luxury machine. This car’s overall length and height are amazing and user-friendly, and you can perceive them to be customized and well-designed for everyone. The track width (front and rear) perfectly aligns with this vehicle’s shape, giving it a perfect look and shape.

Moreover, the coefficient of drag in this car is amazing, which will keep you safe and give you a sense of comfort. The wheelbase of this car is around 115.7 inch which is perfectly fine for everyone. Do you want this car on your next long drive? Consider contacting luxury car rental Abu Dhabi companies for booking!

2. Interior dimensions:                                                                                                     

When it comes to exploring this vehicle’s interior design and dimensions, your love for this car will increase further. The passenger capacity in this car is five. Some of the essential dimensions that are worth your attention are enlisted in the given section.

  • Legroom (front) – 41.7 inches
  • Legroom (rare) – 36.2 inches
  • Headroom (front) – 37.3 inches
  • Headroom (rare) – 37.6 inches
  • Cargo capacity – 13.1 cu ft

The longer you stay inside the amazingly built car, the more you will love it. It is the best option for your next long trip with your friends, and you must not look for other options.

3. Performance:

Moving onto the next section, which is performance, the features will blow your mind off. Let us explore all the performance features of this luxury vehicle.

i) ECO start/stop system:

If you are stuck in heavy traffic or other idle situations, the ECO start/stop system will shut the engine automatically. This feature can help you save fuel and reduce unnecessary emissions to be eco-friendly. The engine will start automatically as soon as you lift off the brake.

ii) Dynamic select:

A multimode driver program selector on the console allows you to select your car’s character by flipping the switch. There are five different modes available, and you can choose the one depending on your needs. These modes are:

  • ECO
  • Comfort
  • Sport
  • Sport +
  • Individual mode

The individual mode is more like a customized mode where you can create a mode of your own. Every mode alters the throttle response, shift points, and steering efforts. Such features can play a vital role in boosting the performance of this high-tech car.

4. Safety features:

When it comes to safety and control, the car has some amazing features installed in it. Here are a few discussed in detail.

i) Car-to-X communication:

The technology is yet to be installed in various cars, but the E-class already has this. Cars with car-to-X communication can alert a central notification system in the car about detected wheelspin, use of hazard fashes, and windshield wipers. The drivers can take precautionary measures to stay on a safer side.

ii) Emergency call service:

Mercedes E 350 has this special feature of emergency call service to the Mercedes-Benz emergency services. The call will automatically initiate if your airbags are deployed, sending your GPS-determined location and vehicle information to the company. The expert helpers on call will quickly respond to your call and send responders to your location as soon as possible.

iii) Active brake assist:

The radar-based technology of this car can alert you if you are headed towards another vehicle or a stationary object. The car will initiate the active brake assist as soon as you brake to avoid the collision. It would be best to opt for this car by contacting luxury car rental Abu Dhabi for your next ride!

Cruise through the city of Dubai in some style!

Exploring the city of Dubai requires you to hire a luxury sports car to cruise in some fine fashion. It would be best to contact luxury car rental companies and hire the best luxe car of your dreams to explore the vast city. Contact these renters today!