Painting is known to be an important aspect of the home as it adds more beauty and pattern to the house. A home without a wall painting could just be like an uncompleted building. This is how much painting adds to the home.

Aside from painting, there are what we call finishes. These are the things that ensure that your paintings last regardless of the colour and make. Arvada painters will do more explanation on this. There are different types of wall paints and finishes, in this article you will get to find out 5 different types of wall paints and finishes.

Different Types Of Wall Paint And Finishes

There are five types that we will be looking at in this context, they are:

Matte paints

These are not really shiny types of finishes but no doubt, they contribute to the beauty of the home. They are not as durable as the remaining four but they can be used. What determines using a particular type of finish is dependent on how much traffic in such an environment. They can be used in places like dining tables. This is because not everyone makes contact with the walk so there are less touches. Clearly it would still maintain its color and texture. They could be referred to as flat paints.

Egg shell finishes

Egg shell finishes are a little shiny than matte paints. Their texture is more improved and it is sure to interact with certain parts of the home. These types of finishes are known to cover more imperfections than the matte. Also, traffic determines where they can be used. For places like the living rooms, they would be a good idea. They could be scrubbed if there is a stain but it is not something to be done regularly so you don’t get to spoil the paint.

Satin finishes

These are a more durable type than the eggshell and matte. They are more shiny and can work with places that have traffic. It is important to note that most of these paints or finishes are determined by the traffic they get in such environments. Satin finishes can be used in places like bedrooms. They can be washed if there are stains.

Semi gloss

Semi gloss paints are a highly durable type of finish. They are very shiny in nature and are capable of giving the home an astonishing look.  They can be used in places like kitchens, bathrooms, etc. This is because the stains can be washed off easily. Aside from washing off, itt would not also spoil the paint or fade the color. Most people would go for these kinds of finishes because it is less stressful to use and can be applied anywhere without fear of stains.

High gloss

High gloss paints are regarded to be the most durable of all types of paints. They could be used anywhere and have a very high resistance to water and general scrubbing. Even if they get stained, it is quite easy to clean them and still ensure that they maintain their original look. If you are an individual who loves to ensure that the paintings outside still look amazing then you should go for high gloss finishes. They are real money for value exchange.

Note that all of these paints are outstanding and can give you brilliant results but they are all dependent on how often people interact with the environment. If people do not touch their walls often, it would be a better scenario but in a situation where people are bound to touch their walls frequently you need to use better finishes for amazing results.