Renovation of an apartment requires planning. If you correctly determine the sequence of actions, it will happen quickly, efficiently, and without errors, the correction of which may require additional financial and time costs.

Unique bathroom vanity store New Bathroom style will the questions of how to make repairs in the apartment and give helpful advice on the critical stages of repair work.

How to determine in what order to make repairs in an apartment?

To correctly determine the sequence of performing particular repair work in an apartment, you first need to decide what kind of repair you are planning to carry out. Cosmetic or significant, what changes do you want to make to the interior of your home or bathroom.

You need to think over the little things and draw up a work plan in writing, detailing each item in detail, and find construction or bathroom stores near me. The finished program will be your guide to repair, indicating all stages, from dismantling old structures and ending with furniture placement.

Where to start repairs?

Repair work always begins with preparation for them, which consists of completely freeing the premises from everything that will interfere with creating a new environment. It is necessary to take out furniture, carpets, decorative items, and household appliances to empty the room. It’s great if you can go to the country house during the work with your relatives or friends, but if not, all unnecessary things will have to be removed to other rooms of the house.

After vacating the premises, you can proceed to the next stage: dismantling everything unnecessary. If you are doing the most straightforward repair, you will only need to remove the old wallpaper from the walls and the ugly linoleum from the floors.

Overhaul repair can imply the dismantling of partitions, door frames, coatings, window structures.

Restoration and installation of new engineering systems

From the stage of dismantling, they move on to the next phase of repair: restoration or laying of new engineering systems. The radiators are replaced at this stage of the repair work, the wiring, sewer, and water pipes are changed, and climate control equipment is installed.

For example, if you make new partitions in your apartment, they should be built before laying the engineering systems so that later you do not have to break everything and start over.

It is worth knowing that this stage involves exclusively laying and commissioning of communications. After finishing work on the ceiling, wall, and floor surfaces, elements such as switches, sockets, and plumbing are installed in the room.

The correct sequence of finishing works in the premises

The decoration of the premises always goes from top to bottom: that is, they start from the ceiling, then move on to the walls, and only, after that, they move on to finishing the floors.

Further, the finishing is divided into the following separate stages:

1. Arrangement of ceiling covering: whitewashing, painting or stretch ceilings.

2. Leveling of wall surfaces with plaster.

3. Putty walls for painting. It is imperative not to skimp on the purchase of putty mixtures for priming for painting or wallpapering because the adhesion strength of the putty and finishing will depend on the quality of the composition. If you paint or decorate the walls with different types of plaster, these works are performed immediately after priming the surfaces.

4. After the walls are ready for finishing, the floor covering is laid – parquet, laminate, carpet, or linoleum.

5. Having finished with the floor, you can start installing the door frames.

6. The walls are covered with wallpaper.

At the final finishing stage, switches, baseboards, doors, different decor, and accessories are installed.

We hope this article helped you figure out the correct sequence of repairs in the apartment. At the end of the material, we suggest you watch an exciting and informative video on the procedure for performing repairs.